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Yorkshire Cat Rescue reaches 200 lottery players less than two months since launching! 

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The Motivation

A reliable source of regular income

Yorkshire Cat Rescue exists to save the lives of abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens in Yorkshire and beyond.

In recent months, high inflation has presented a challenge to the charity. As many individuals feel the squeeze, many have been left unable to care for their pets. This has led to more cats requiring Yorkshire Cat Rescue’s excellent care. The cost of providing this care has also increased due to rising costs such as food, energy and vet bills.

To help navigate these challenging times, Yorkshire Cat Rescue wanted to generate a stable source of reliable income. The charity decided to launch a Mobile Lottery, due to lotteries being one of the few areas of fundraising continuing to perform well in the challenging economic climate.

The Solution

Launching a Mobile Lottery

More than 200 players joined the lottery within the first two months. This is worth over £10,000 of stable and reliable annual revenue to the charity, after deducting costs.

The majority of the players were recruited through targeted social media adverts, which were run by Donr. The ads were targeted based on geographic location and interest, resulting in a cost-per-acquisition of between £8 and £12 during this period. This is significantly lower than the cost-per-acquisition benchmarks for Direct Debit based lotteries, which are £60 to £90.

Yorkshire Cat Rescue has also promoted the lottery to existing supporters using organic social media posts. Plans are to scale up player recruitment using a variety of marketing methods, to grow revenue further.

“Our Mobile Lottery has proven a simple and popular way to generate funds. It works particularly well on social media, as it’s so easy for supporters to enter."

The Mobile Lottery so far...

Over 200 players

Over 200 players signed up within the first two months of the lottery.

£10,000 annually

Over £10,000 of annual revenue (after costs) will be generated by these 200 players

£8 cost-per-acquisition

Some of the targeted social media adverts used to recruit players had an £8 CPA

Attract regular income

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