We like to keep our pricing simple and fair. We don’t charge any signup or monthly fees, and there are no long-term contracts. Our service fees are simply a percentage of each donation.

No sign up fees • No monthly fees • No commitment

Text Giving

5% per donation

Text Raffles

5% per donation

Payment Processing

£5 per monthly payment


Frequently asked questions

These are quick answers to some of the most common questions that we get asked about our pricing, but you can also check out our Knowledge Base for more help.

Does Donr charge VAT on its fees?

From 1st January 2022, VAT will be charged at 0% for the following fees. This effectively means that no VAT is charged:

  • Processing Text Giving donations
  • Processing Text Journeys donations
  • Processing Giving Pages donations
  • Third-party processing fees (such as Stripe or PayPal)

VAT is charged at 20% for Text Journeys credits, though it may be possible for your charity to reclaim the VAT on these.

For donations made before 1st January 2022, VAT is charged at 20% for all fees. You will see this added to your statements. Charities that are VAT registered can claim this back from HMRC.

Does Donr charge for text keywords?

No. Unlike many other Text Giving providers we don’t charge for keywords. You can have as many as you require, for free.

When will we receive our donations?

Text Donations are paid approximately 80 days after the end of the month. Card donations are earlier. You can find more detailed information here

What about Gift Aid?

We collect Gift Aid information and make this available to you. You will always receive 100% of the Gift Aid amount that you claim through HMRC.

How does Donr protect our donations?

Our platform is secure by design, and all donations are held separately to business funds in a client premium account with Barclays bank.

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