Why do digital supporters need better mobile giving solutions?

64% of people are not willing to give regularly to charity using direct debit or standing order

It makes sense – direct debit forms are lengthy and difficult to complete on a mobile phone. Setting up a standing order isn’t much easier either.

MobileSquared Research, 2017

Are you ignoring supporters wanting to give to your cause?

Those who are on the go:

Are you asking supporters to complete a lengthy form when they are surrounded by noise and distractions on their commute?

Those who don't have time:

Are you forcing your supporters to try and squeeze one too many things into their hectic day by adding to their never ending to-do list?

Those who lack motivation:

Are you asking supporters to jump through hoops to make a small donation, when they’re in the middle of browsing social media?

How do we do this? We have integrated into the four UK mobile network operators, allowing us to bring innovative carrier billing technology directly to the charity sector.

We also offer your supporters a choice...

Credit and debit cards

Card payments let donors give in a way that’s familiar – as well as allowing for much larger amounts to be given

Apple Pay and Google Pay

A fast-growing and exciting way to pay – let supporters who set up a digital wallet give using minimal effort

Donr is a Text to Donate Platform enabling charity donations by mobile


Why should you choose Donr?

All-in-one payments

Our pages allow supporters to give regularly via their preferred method; from mobile number, to card, to digital wallet

Branding your page

You’ve worked hard to establish your brand – so we’ll build and brand your page to reflect your charity’s identity

Crafting your message

Our editorial team are on hand to share their expertise by crafting messaging that resonates with your supporters

Real people

Our team of real people are always here to answer any queries – from how to promote your cause to donation enquiries

Opt-in data

Your donors are your donors, not ours; so wherever supporters give consent, we’ll pass along their data to you

Gift Aid

We offer donors the ability to add GiftAid to their donations when giving through your page, before passing this data to you

Safety & security

We don’t take the storing and protection of your data lightly; it is held in a safe, secure and GDPR-compliant way

Innovative collaboration

We’re driven by your ideas and thrive on innovation and excitement, so we’re all ears when it comes to any suggestions

Fair pricing

You won’t be surprised with any joining fees or monthly fees – we charge just 5% per donation (plus card processing fees)

Raise more today by letting your supporters give in just 15 seconds

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