Text Raffles

Create exciting raffles via text message

  • Engage supporters with the offer of a prize
  • Fully compliant with relevant gambling regulations
  • Simple and cost-effective way to run a remote raffle

Why run a Text Raffle?

The simplest way to run a raffle

With Donr Text Raffles, it's easy to create fun and engaging competitions for your supporters, without having to jump through regulatory hoops.

We take care of all the tricky bits, so all you need to do is find an exciting prize to engage your supporters!

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  • Unlimited Keywords

  • Customise Raffle

  • Regulations Made Easy

  • Gift Aid


Unlimited potential with keywords

A keyword is the word a supporter texts in order to enter your raffle. You choose your own keywords and can create as many as you like - for free.


Customise your raffle

You are in control. You can choose your suggested donation amount and customise the texts your supporters receive. Or keep things simple with the default text.


Regulations made easy

Donr Text Raffles automatically include a free entry option for your supporters. This means you meet regulations without the need for complicated admin. It also reduces costs, so more money reaches your charity.

On average, over 90% of supporters choose to make a donation when they enter Text Raffles - so you're able to both engage your supporters and raise money!


Claim Gift Aid on donations

As charitable donations are voluntary, they are eligible for Gift Aid, and we can collect Gift Aid information on your behalf.

Simply download the data and add it to your claim to HMRC. 100% of Gift Aid funds will be paid to you by HMRC.

Maximise your donations

Choosing Donr to run Text Raffles means more money will reach your charity - in two ways.

First, we include a free entry option so you avoid the extra admin needed to meet regulations.

Second, over 90% of entrants choose to make a donation when they enter Donr Text Raffles.

If we look at the numbers ...

For every 100 people entering a compulsory donation raffle at £1 per ticket, you could expect to receive around £50 after costs.

For every 100 people entering a voluntary donation raffle (i.e. with free entry option), you could expect 90 people to make a £1 donation, so you'd receive £85.50 after costs - plus Gift Aid.

So, that's why we offer a free entry option!.

Set up in minutes

Our simple set up flow allows you to create your raffle in minutes. There is no need to wait weeks for approval - set up and launch straight away! Or schedule your raffle to start later.


Give your supporters an incentive

The potential to win a prize is a great way to engage supporters in your campaign. Supporters are more likely to donate to your campaign when they get something in return.

Charity supporter excited to enter a Text Raffle

“Using Text Raffles, we were able to raise over £45,000 for North East charities. It was a new initiative for us, so we were particularly pleased with its success.”

"It was so simple to set up and popular with our supporters."

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The Great Northern Raffle

Charity Escapes launched the Great Northern Raffle, and raised over £45,000 for charities who were struggling with reduced income as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

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