Supporting finance teams

We understand how important it is that donations reach your charity quickly and efficiently. Our platform is designed to make it easy for your finance team to obtain the information they need, including reporting and details of payouts, in a stress-free way.

Donation processing

We accept donations via text and credit/debit card (inc. Apple Pay and Google Pay). We charge a small fee for this - see our Pricing page.

Detailed reporting

Our platform provides detailed reporting via a simple and secure dashboard. This includes details of all donations and payouts.

Automatic pay-outs

You don’t need to create and send invoices to us to receive funds. We operate a self-billing system to facilitate automatic payouts.

Gift Aid Support

Gift Aid information is easily available from within your account dashboard so you can process your claim with HMRC directly.

Frequently asked questions

Which bank details do we need to provide?

In order for us to pay you, you'll need to provide your charity's bank account number, sort code and name. We can only pay out to a bank account which is registered to your charity. We will also need proof of your account, which can be a letter from your bank or a recent bank statement that shows the account details (paper version within the last 4 months). You can provide all of your bank details quickly and securely from within the Donr Dashboard.

When are donations paid out to us?

Donations made by credit/debit card (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) will be paid out the month after a donation is made. So a donation made in January will be paid out in February.

Donations made via text are paid out approximately 80 days after the end of the month in which the donation is made. So a donation made in January will be paid out in April.

Donations made via text take longer to pay out, as it takes us longer to receive donations from the mobile networks.

Do you process Gift Aid claims for us?

Donr does not currently process Gift Aid claims on your behalf. All of our solutions offer supporters to provide their Gift Aid details where appropriate. Gift Aid information is available from within your account dashboard so that you can process the claim with HMRC directly.

Do we have to provide bank details before we can fundraise?

No, this is not necessary. We understand that getting the required bank details together can take a little time. As long as you are sure you can provide us with all the details we’ll need in due course, you can begin using our service immediately. Any funds that are raised before we verify your details will be held securely by us and will be paid out once we verify your details.

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