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Chester Zoo’s ‘Save Our Zoo’ Campaign

Chester Zoo used Text Giving in the ‘Save Our Zoo’ campaign, an emergency appeal to protect the future of the zoo whilst it was forced to close due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Challenge

Closure due to coronavirus hits income

Prior to the pandemic, 97% of Chester Zoo’s income came from visitors.

Forced closure during lockdown threatened the survival of the Zoo and the 35,000 animals in its care.

It wasn’t clear when the Zoo could reopen, or at what capacity which added to financial uncertainty.

The Solution

‘Save Our Zoo’ emergency appeal

Chester Zoo moved quickly to launch the ‘Save Our Zoo’ campaign.

The keyword OURZOO was registered and was shared on social media, via the website and in video footage of wild animals.

Once the Zoo was allowed to reopen, signage was placed around the site with the keyword displayed to offer visitors a quick and truly contactless means to donate.

What was achieved...

Over £22,000 raised

The ‘OURZOO’ Text Giving keyword provided a quick and easy way for supporters to give.

Addressed a 97% drop in income

The campaign was vital, as Chester Zoo faced a significant drop in income due to the coronavirus pandemic.

4,700 individual supporters

The campaign achieved widespread publicity, encouraging people passionate about animals and conservation to donate.

“Donors are looking for simple ways that they can quickly and safely donate to their favourite causes. Text is a really popular way to give.”

Add Text Giving to your next campaign

Like Chester Zoo, you could use Text Giving as a quick and safe way for supporters to donate. Follow Chester Zoo’s example and add your keyword to online content or on signage at your venue.


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