The Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter Lottery

In just a few months, Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter has recruited over 1,700 players for their Mobile Lottery, raising over £85,000 a year to rescue and rehome animals.

The Motivation

Regular income to care for animals

Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter works to reunite lost animals with their owners and find loving new homes for those no longer wanted.

In recent months high inflation has led to many of the shelter’s costs rising. This is particularly true for gas and electricity, which is set to increase from £50,000 per year to over £200,000. Such cost increases have made it much more expensive for the charity to operate and provide animals with the love and care they need.

To make sure that the shelter can continue to provide care to animals, Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter wanted to generate a stable source of reliable income. After considering various options, the shelter became the first charity to launch a Mobile Lottery.

The Solution

The Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter Lottery

In the 10 months since launching, the lottery has attracted more than 1,700 players and numbers continue to grow on a daily basis. These 1,700 players are worth over £85,000 of stable and reliable annual revenue to the charity, after deducting costs.

The majority of the players were recruited through targeted social media adverts, which were run by Donr.  Whilst browsing social media, people have a shorter attention span, which means that the quick and easy entry method for Mobile Lotteries performs well. This means that social media is an effective method to promote a lottery. 

Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter has also promoted the lottery by placing posters and banners with printed QR codes around the site, by using a text message call-to-action at events and in the charity’s newsletter.

“Through Donr’s Mobile Lotteries we can build a reliable source of regular income, which will help us to continue to provide care to animals throughout the cost-of-living crisis."

The Mobile Lottery so far...

Over 1,700 players

So far, over 1,700 players have signed up within the first 10 months of the lottery.

£85,000 annually

£85,000 of annual revenue (after costs) will be generated by these 1,700 players

Over 1,000 animals

The Shelter cares for over 1,000 vulnerable animals every year.

Attract regular income

Create a Mobile Lottery for your charity to attract regular and sustainable income.

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