Tottenham Foodbank's emergency appeal

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the charity’s supporters found it harder to donate physical goods. Donations via Text Giving were an immediate way they could help.

The Challenge

Pandemic restricts supporter donations

The pandemic meant that supporters of the charity were restricted in how much they could get out to Tottenham Foodbank to donate physical goods such as food and toiletries, but were still willing to help in any way they could.

The Solution

A safe way to give support

Text Giving gave the supporters of Tottenham Foodbank a way of immediately supporting the charity by providing a financial donation, rather than a donation of physical goods. This allowed the charity to purchase goods to replenish their supplies, to try and ensure they had enough to provide to those they were supporting.

What the campaign achieved...

Emergency funds

As supporters found it difficult to donate physical goods, £2,500 was raised in 4 weeks to help the charity make up the shortfall.

Increased awareness

The charity utilised social media to let supporters know how they could continue to support the charity while staying at home.

Immediate response

The charity found that supporters wanted to help but were unsure how to do so safely. Text Giving allowed them to donate quickly.

“People want to donate food to us, but they often can’t. Texting is the most immediate thing they can do to help.”

Offer an immediate way to help

Your charity may need physical goods but these can be harder to donate quickly. Capitalise on a supporter’s willingness to help by offering them the chance to contribute financially instead.


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