Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter's £1 appeal

The pandemic took a huge toll on the charity’s finances and with bills to pay, and animals to care for, the shelter quickly launched an appeal centred around the idea that every little helps.

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The Challenge

Pandemic-induced loss of income

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK in spring 2020, Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter saw 70% of their income vanish. They were reluctant to ask supporters for large donations to help them manage these losses, as they were aware that many people were struggling financially too.

The Solution

£1 can make a difference

The shelter chose to create a Text Giving campaign via Donr and ask their supporters for a donation of £1 – the minimum amount that can be donated via Text Giving. They promoted the campaign in physical locations such as local supermarkets and also via social media; on their own accounts and also those of local influencers. 

What was achieved...

£1,000 a week

Over a period of 3 weeks, the campaign raised £3,000 via Text Giving, helping the charity recoup some of its losses.

Anyone can help

Any mobile can text, and the minimum donation amount via Text Giving is £1. These two elements created a really impactful campaign.

Power of people

Everyone from local supermarkets to local social media influencers helped the charity get the word out about their campaign.

“We thought ‘everyone can donate £1’. We didn’t want to ask for huge gifts from people at a time when they were struggling themselves.”

Create commonality in your next campaign

A clear call-to-action which can bring supporters together, using the set-up ‘if X people donated Y, we could Z,’ creates a tangible, achievable goal for supporters to work towards.


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