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Coping with Coronavirus

As with many charities, the coronavirus pandemic presented a huge challenge to Keech Hospice Care. Initially, the hospice was concerned that its reserves would be insufficient to sustain it through the lockdown and subsequent social distancing, given that the hospice’s 34 charity shops had been closed and many fundraising events had been cancelled. 

Thankfully, the hospice received government support through the furlough and small business schemes and the government support given to the charity sector. This eased short term financial concerns. However, this also created a perception amongst supporters that the hospice was financially secure, which made it difficult to encourage donations necessary to secure the long term finances of the hospice.

Keech Big Virtual Quiz

The hospice listened to what supporters wanted and needed during the early stages of lockdown. Many supporters were worried about their personal finances, fearful about their health and communities and were keen to maintain a social life despite the lockdown.

As a result, the hospice decided to run a virtual quiz to provide entertainment in exchange for donations, rather than running an emergency appeal. Lorna Chinnock, Head of Marketing and Communications explained “we wanted to give people something they wanted and got something from.”

The event aimed to raise awareness, as well as funds. The virtual quizzers were asked to make a donation of £5, £10 or £20, by text or through the hospice’s donation page, if they had enjoyed the evening.

In total, the series of four quizzes raised in total £11,278 for the hospice.

“We had different generations in the same room, all making donations by text. We were surprised by the number of people who chose the higher donation amount.” – Nikki Samsa, Head of Fundraising

Sharing Through Social

Lockdown has forced many of our favourite forms of entertainment online, which means that now individuals have a lot of choice about where to spend their time. This presented a challenge, as the hospice found that their event was competing with a much wider audience than a physical event would have. 

To encourage supporters to attend the event, they hosted it on Facebook Live and marketed it through social media channels and dotmailers. To increase the campaign’s reach on the event night, some local digital influencers also streamed their quiz through their own social channels. 

Whilst hosting an online quiz did present some new challenges, it also presented an opportunity, as people outside of the local area were also able to take part in the event. As a result, the first quiz attracted over 8,000 online views — which is far more than would have been able to squeeze into their local!

Gift Aid on Text donations​

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Shortcode: 70470
Default amount: £5, £10 or £20

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