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Highland Hospices’ ‘Strictly Inverness’

Highland Hospice has been running ‘Strictly Inverness’ for 11 years. This year, with a livestream and Text Giving voting, they raised around £150,000.

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The Challenge

11 years of Strictly Inverness

Highland Hospice have been hosting the popular fundraiser ‘Strictly Inverness’ for the past 11 years, and each year is better than the last. After much of the fundraising world has moved online, the event was offered both as an in person show, and a livestream. The challenge was how to allow online viewers to vote for their favourite couples!

The Solution

Hybrid event uses Text Giving

After years of offering only cash voting at the event venue, this year Highland Hospice displayed their Text Giving info on all the tables, also allowing those live streaming the event to vote. Running for four nights, the event showcased performances from local dance schools, along with eight local couples, and a celebrity judge number!

“We were delighted with how Text Giving worked for the event. We put the Text Giving information on all the tables and included the option in our live stream viewing.”

What the page delivered...

632 entries

Whilst the in person audience could vote using cash, 632 people voted using Text Giving.

£7053 raised

The event raised over £7000 for Highland Hospice through Text Giving alone!

£35 per ticket

Supporters could purchase a ticket for £35, or pay to access the livestream for £10.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events can be an excellent way to engage supporters both at home, and in person. Text Giving offers people a way to interact with your charity wherever they are, quickly and easily.


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