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Choosing a powerful keyword in a crisis
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Text-to-donate has played an incredibly vital part in ACT’s urgent appeal to provide the likes of emergency equipment to the Addenbrooke’s and the Rosie hospitals (part of Cambridge University Hospitals) in response to coronavirus

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The campaign

Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT) raise funds for Cambridge University Hospitals, and are dedicated to improving the experience of patients, their families and the staff who support them. And so, in March 2020 ACT launched an emergency appeal in response to COVID-19, with text as a key fundraising mechanism.

Addenbrooke’s said they picked the keyword “NHSHEROES” as it’s an easy and memorable keyword – one that is also highly contextual in reflecting how we’re all feeling about the brilliant service that the fantastic NHS are currently providing across the UK. 

To cater for any misspellings of the keyword, the charity also registered the text keywords “NHSHERO” and “NHSHEROS” to their Donr account too – meaning these donations would still be collected by ACT.


Promoting their keyword

ACT has been promoting their appeal across various social channels, including Twitter and Facebook – on the latter of which, they redesigned their cover image to show their text call-to-action to those who may only quickly be stopping by the charity’s FB page.

“The text-to-donate has played such an incredibly vital part of our emergency response, and being able to get a CTA and response mechanism out publicly so swiftly during this crisis has made all of the difference” – ACT

The charity has also added a ‘user-generated content’ strand to their emergency appeal, encouraging people to take a selfie holding up a sheet of paper with the keyword, shortcode and a suggested donation amount – particularly over on their Twitter.

Adding ‘user-generated content’ call-to-actions to your fundraising appeal works well at this time because of the increased reach your campaign can achieve, as well as providing you with more content for you to share if you’re stretched for time.

So far, this campaign has raised over £4,000 in donations, which will go towards the likes of emergency equipment for their hospitals. We wish ACT all the best in their ongoing fundraising!

Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust - NHS Super Heroes Campaign

Shortcode: 70085
Default amount: No default amount set – but £5 and £10 promoted as suggested donation amounts

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