Virtual Events – They Are Here to Stay!

As we all grow weary of restrictions, virtual events have received some criticism and we’re not having it! Yes, at some point we’ve all rolled our eyes at the thought of another virtual meet up, but virtual events can be fantastic. Here are five reasons why we think virtual events are epic.

1. Virtual Events are inclusive!

For many fans of theatre, watching a West End Show is an occasional treat. However, the National Theatre at Home campaign enabled fans across the globe to tune in for some classic West End performances. The shows were broadcast for free with fans able to text to make a donation if they enjoyed what they saw – meaning world class theatre was available to all.

2. Virtual Events provide so many possibilities!

It’s quite difficult to get to more than one physical event in an evening, but virtual events enable people to be social butterflies. This means that the virtual event space is even more competitive, as events are not just competing locally, they are competing nationally and even globally. This competition has led to the virtual events space developing quickly – with virtual event software and concepts both advancing significantly over the past year.

3. Virtual Events have unlimited capacity!

You can’t fit 8,000 people into your local pub – certainly not with social distancing! However, Keech Hospice Care was able to have 8,000 people attend a virtual pub quiz. Attracting many more people than would have attended a physical event, enabled the Hospice to raise over £11,000 to continue providing vital care to patients during the pandemic.

4. Virtual Events can be organised more cheaply!

Organising a charity ball or fundraising dinner can be costly, but making that event virtual is far more cost-effective. A modest fundraising dinner would cost £30 to £40 per head, meanwhile the entry fee for many well known runs is £50 or more. Hosting a virtual dinner, or a virtual running event reduces the cost by at least 75%. This reduces the financial risk of events, which is welcome to charities during such challenging times.

5. Virtual Events can be organised quickly!

Whilst the time taken to organise a virtual event shouldn’t be underestimated, it is significantly shorter than for a regular event. This gives a great opportunity for event ideas to be quickly put into action. This is great, as charities can respond to changes in their supporters’ mood and hobbies – with many people taking up an interest in exercise and nature, perhaps a virtual event along these lines will help people through a tricky start to the year?

Regardless of your thoughts on them, virtual events are here to stay and can be a lucrative fundraiser for your charity. If you would like to learn from other charities about how to run a successful virtual event, join our free webinar ‘Why Text Giving and Virtual Events Go Together Like Peas & Carrots’.

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