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Step Into Christmas Fundraising with the Christmas Hub!

Welcome to our Christmas Hub, we’d like to congratulate you for getting through this year!

We’re well aware that this year has thrown a lot in your direction, so we’re here to do our bit to try and end the year on a more positive note by making sure your Christmas fundraising campaign is an absolute cracker!

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How to: Quickly add Text Giving to your Christmas Appeal

Our first present to you, is a handy guide to introduce you to text giving and give you practical support for setting up a text giving keyword for Christmas!

Once you are familiar with the practicalities of text giving, have a browse through the rest of our Christmas Hub below, to see some inspiring Christmas fundraising ideas!

Even if you have already planned your Christmas Appeal, it’s dead easy to add a text call to action to give your supporters a simple and popular method to donate!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Template!

If 2020 continues to throw a lot at you and you’re looking for a quick and easy Christmas fundraising idea, then look no further… We have your back just like Rudolph had Santa’s back on that foggy Christmas Eve!

Following the success of our Virtual Bucket Collection template earlier this year, we have created three Christmas-related fundraising ideas…

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You can easily edit these designs to add your charity’s keyword, shortcode and any branding you would like using our Canva Christmas Campaign Template!

If you’re new to Canva, or would like to refresh your memory of how to use it, then you can watch our video guide.

If you have made your graphic on Canva and would like to know how to share it with the world, then we also have a video guide for that!

Bespoke Christmas Fundraising

If you’re planning to run a more bespoke Christmas Appeal and would like some tips on how to make your appeal successful – you can access our series of blogs here.

Text Giving at Your Pantomime

Unfortunately many pantomimes may be forced to go ahead with limited audiences, or even no audience at all. If you’re find yourself in this position, then it’s worth looking at the incredible home broadcasts with a text giving call to action that National Theatre and Barn Theatre organised earlier in the year.

Reverse Advent Calendar

Morecambe Bay Foodbank ran a fantastic reverse advert calendar with a text call to action last year! This year reverse advent calendars may be an even more popular solution, due to the challenges of donating physical items during the pandemic.

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Stop Print! Add Text Giving into Direct Mail

We’ve all been there. You receive a powerful direct mail campaign in the post, you want to donate but you’re in the middle of something… “I’ll put it here and donate later” we think, then six months later we find the letter and realise we never got around to donating.

Add a text giving call to action into your direct mail campaign, so that supporters can quickly and easily donate whilst you have their attention!

Incorporate Text Giving into a Christmas Event

It seems inevitable that most events this Christmas will have to be virtual… Would we expect anything else in the year of the virtual event?!

If you’re planning a virtual event this Christmas you can follow the example of Keech Hospice Care and add a text giving call to action. Or, if you have managed to find a way to hold a physical event, then consider using text as an alternative to cash to ensure your supporters have a safe way to give.

Incorporate Text Giving into Your Social Comms

Did you know that the average attention span on social media is 8 seconds? The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds… We are competing for attention online more than ever, so when you get your supporters’ attention you need to make it count.

Add a text giving call to action to your social media post at Christmas, so your supporters can quickly and easily donate whilst you have their attention… If they can’t donate straight away, they may just get distracted by the next thing on their screen!

Staying Well at Christmas

To end our Christmas Hub, we wanted to give you all a huge shout out! 2020 has been a really tough one, particularly for fundraisers as charities have faced increased need alongside funding gaps.

We know there’s a lot of fundraising pressure at Christmas time, particularly this year, so make sure to take some time for yourself. If you need some help and support at any stage, our wonderful friends at  The Blurt Foundation have a range of free resources, which may be useful for you, or someone close to you. Mind also has some resources that specifically focus on Mental Health at Christmas.

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