IoFFC 19: Our Top Three Takeaways

At Donr HQ, we’re lucky enough to speak to fundraisers almost every day – so when we asked them which event we’d be silly to miss, they all said the IoFFC, hosted by the Institute of Fundraising. Last week we exhibited at our very first Convention, hosted at London’s iconic Barbican Centre. We spent three full days chatting to charities old and new about their upcoming campaigns, digital fact-finding missions and how they could join the text giving revolution — and even managed to sneak into a couple of sessions.


Here are our top three takeaways…


The beanbags zone

We’re all only human, and being at a conference that created space where anyone could grab 20 minutes in between sessions to catch up and rest was one of our favourite additions. With society finally putting a much-deserved emphasis on mental health, the beanbags were just one of the ways the IoF gave us all a subtle nudge to say, “You can’t make the world a better place if you’re not taking care of yourself — rest a little.”


The mind-blowing session by =mc on behavioural economics

Did you know that the presence of simple images of eyes encourages people to donate more? On Day 2, Bernard Ross‘ session explored how we could use this subconscious processing as well as other lessons from behavioural economics as a force for good. We’ve just ordered his new book Change for Good which we’ve added to the Donr Library and definitely feel a blog post series in the making. ⚡️


Tuesday’s plenary with Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn

Two members of the team were lucky enough to hear Jonny and Neil share their incredible tale of courage, kindness and friendship shining a light on young people’s mental health and their new charity Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma.

Neil met Jonny ten years ago when Jonny was sat on Waterloo Bridge contemplating taking his own life. He stopped to talk to him, convincing Jonny to take a step back. The plenary left every single person moved, reminding us all that small acts of kindness can change lives.


Donr — IoFFC 19: Our Top Three Takeaways 1


This list could have gone on for substantially longer, but we’ll keep it short and sweet. To everyone we met at #IoFFC thank you for taking the time to introduce yourselves and tell us about your charity — we simply can’t wait to see which incredible things you’ll achieve next!

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