Introducing our new Regular Donations area

Our new Regular Donations area makes managing your regular text donations easier than ever before, whilst helping you to get to know your donors better.

From today, you’ll be able to access our latest addition to the Donr Dashboard – the Regular Donations area. From here, you’ll be able to monitor your regular donations, see high-level stats about your regular giving campaigns, access a detailed donation history for all of your regular givers, and more.

First thing’s first – you’ll be able to find the new Regular Donations area from the main homepage within your Donr Dashboard. Upon logging in, you’ll be able to immediately access this new area.

Highlighting the new Regular Giving area in the Donr Dashboard
You can find the new Regular Giving area upon logging in to the dashboard


Let us run through some of the features of the new Regular Donations management area…

You’ll be able to monitor all active regular donors from here, including details such as which campaign a donor is giving to, whether they’ve opted to give Gift Aid, and the date they began this regular donation. You’ll also be able to see a log of cancelled donations and subsequent details.

You can also see some top-level regular giving stats at a glance – including the current number of monthly donors who are part of your regular text giving community, as well as your attrition rate as a percentage (%) and as the total number of cancellations.

Another stat you’ll be able to see at a glance is “Next Month’s Donations” – a predicted income total, which is worked out based on the number of regular donors who are currently giving to your charity, and the amount they’ve opted to give per month. This total is a projection based on data, but it’s worth bearing in mind this figure may occasionally vary.

You’ll also be able to view detailed activity logs for individual donors by clicking the “View Donation History” button (which can also be downloaded).

We’re hoping this new addition makes it much easier to manage your regular text giving campaigns within the Donr platform. But we always welcome your feedback – so if you’re actively running regular text campaigns and have any thoughts about new features that might be handy to have in this area, please get in touch!

As always, if you have any questions about this new feature, you can get in touch with a real person by emailing us at or by calling 03334444777. 

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