With Christmas officially less than 100 days away, most of the charity sector is in the thick of Christmas planning. By now you’ve most probably sussed out your donation ask and finalised your campaign’s visual identity – but have you thought about how to thank supporters?

Why say thank you?

In 2016, the Commission on the Donor Experience report revealed the huge potential for charities to use the phone to thank supporters. Some of our favourite charity stories share the power of saying thank you, like this one from SolarAid, and it makes sense. Think about how you feel when someone sincerely thanks you. You’re left with that warm and fuzzy feeling you carry around all day, and isn’t that exactly how you want supporters to feel when they thank your charity?

Thank you card

How to say thank you by phone

To us, thanking by phone includes two mechanisms: the ‘thank you’ phone call and the automated thank you text supporters receive after they’ve made a text donation to your campaign.

The thank-you phone call

You do not need to collect marketing consent to thank supporters as this type of communication falls into the In-Service Communications‘ category. However, without marketing consent, you cannot ask supporters to increase their donation and need to tell supporters how they can opt-out. We therefore suggest collecting full marketing consent using the two keyword approach (you can find out more here). If your Christmas campaign is asking supporters to give relatively small amounts and/or you don’t have the resources to call everyone, why not choose a small test group to ring? That way you can track the potential impact of the call and the supporters’ overall experience far easier.

The automated thank-you text

If phoning supporters to thank them for their donation isn’t part of your supporter journey, don’t worry — you can still thank them by editing the ‘thank you’ message associated with your keyword in the Donr Dashboard. Currently, all thank you texts are set to, “A big thank for supporting your work here at #charity name#! You’ve donated #tariff# via Donr. Help 03334444111“. This automated text is a unique opportunity to champion your charity’s voice and tailor the response to match your campaign messaging. Whilst some regulatory information does need to be included, we always recommend editing the message to make it more personal. There’s also no need to worry about not getting the regulations right, as every message is approved by our team.

To edit your ‘thank you’ message, simply click on the Text Giving module in the dashboard, find your campaign’s keyword and click the ‘edit’ button. This will take you to a new screen where all you have to do is scroll down until you see the ‘thank you’ message. Click edit and you’re good to go!


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So there you have it, two easy ways you can say thank you using Donr Text Giving – helping you to deepen donor relationships and achieve an even bigger impact.  ⚡️