Failed Donations – And What We’re Doing About Them

Failed donation. Sounds scary, right? But we all know that everyday fails can happen – if you’ve ever hit ‘send’ and then spotted your typo, you’ll know all about them. Your supporters are just the same – and if their fail-for-the-day happens to be forgetting to top up their mobile phone credit their donation could slip through the cracks. Enter our donation safety net.


How does the donation safety net, work?

Out of the many things in life that we let slip through the cracks donations shouldn’t be one of them. There are a variety of reasons a supporter’s donation might fail – from a lack of credit, to them having an unknown premium message block on their handset.

Previously, donors could ring our helpline to learn the cause of failure, but they would be advised to find another way to give. Now, where a donation might fail, donors will receive a reply message telling them why their donation was unsuccessful, offering them the chance to complete their donation by credit or debit card, as well as supply Gift Aid information.

The whole process is really quick and simple and is powered by Stripe, the third-party payment processor.

Screenshot of the safety net landing page

Sounds great! Is there anything else our charity should know?

The only extra thing to keep in mind about the new safety net feature is that a card processing fee will be applied. What does this mean for you? Well, our 5% fee remains the same, but on top of that Stripe will also charge a fee (1.4% of the donation amount plus + £0.20p) to process the donation.

Whilst this does mean you’ll get slightly less (e.g £9.16 on a £10 donation) we’re hoping that because you’ll catch any donations that might have slipped through the cracks you’ll ultimately boost your total amount raised – which is always a good thing!


I’m on board! What next?

Nothing! Nadda! Zilch! This feature will automatically be enabled on all accounts from Wednesday 18 February. As always we’re here to help, so if you have any questions simply pop an email to

Happy Fundraising!
Donr HQ

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