During & After Your Fundraising Appeal – Blog 4

You’ve pressed the magic button and your fundraising appeal has gone live! Aside from relentlessly clicking refresh to see how much you’ve raised, what should you do next? The final blog in the series from our Fundraising Innovation Manager, Brad French, tells you just that!

This is the exciting bit! Hopefully your fundraising appeal has got off to a flying start and the donations have come through quick and fast. If not, don’t panic, there’s still a chance to turn things around. If so, don’t get too cocky, there’s still plenty more work to be done!

  • Assess and Adapt

What’s going well with your fundraising appeal so far? What’s going badly? Do more of the stuff that’s going well and make hay whilst the sun shines. If anything isn’t going well; an audience isn’t being responsive, or a certain platform isn’t working for you, then make a judgement call on whether to adapt things or pull the plug and focus on things that are going well.

  • Say Thank You

When you’re immersed in a fundraising appeal, it can sometimes be hard to remember to properly say thank you to supporters. If possible, give them a call to say thanks and explain the impact that their support will have – it will really help to establish a strong relationship. Alternatives include a card, or a little present for each donor, something that sets you apart and shows the donor that you truly value them.

  • Update Donors

Once your fundraising appeal has ended, keep your donors informed of the impact that their support has had by sharing regular updates and thanking them for their support. This will build a connection between your organisation and these supporters that you can build on in future.

  • Take Lessons Forwards

Go back to those SMART objectives you set and analyse how your appeal went. What went well? What went badly? What would you do next time? These lessons will help you in your next appeal.

Taking lessons forwards is particularly important at the moment, given that the external environment is so different to anything that we have ever experienced before. As all charities are entering unfamiliar waters, it would also be really helpful to share any learnings to assist other charities trying to navigate these tricky times.

This blog is the final part of a series on running a successful appeal for your organisation. If you’d like to go back to the start, you can find the first blog in the series here.

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