Donr Data Requests are a thing of the past

We’ll soon be implementing some changes within the Donr Dashboard which will mean that if you have a Donr account you’ll no longer need to email us to access supporter data.

We know that abiding by GDPR and data privacy laws are always top of your list. If collecting marketing consent via Text Giving is on your agenda you’ll know that GDPR states that your supporters must be given the option to either opt in or opt out of further communications after making a donation using Donr Text Giving.

To help you offer your supporters this choice, our system now automatically generates an opt-out Text Giving keyword whenever you setup a new Text Giving campaign. This means that two keywords with exactly the same properties are set up per campaign and offer supporters the choice: text KEYWORD to make a donation and opt into further communications or text KEYWORDNOINFO to make a donation and opt out of further communications.

To ensure that Donr and our charity partners continue to abide by GDPR and other appropriate regulations, we’ve decided to redact all supporter data from within the Donr Dashboard that was collected by Text Giving campaigns created before our platform update roll-out date of Tuesday 3rd March 2020, regardless of previously given user account permissions. This will happen on DATE.

Going forward, you’ll no longer need to request access to opt-in data. Instead, full mobile phone numbers of your supporters who texted your opt-in keyword will be available to download from the Donr Dashboard straight away, provided that, when you go to download the information, you agree that you offered your supporters both the opt-in and opt-out keywords as methods of donation during promotion of your Text Giving campaign.

Thanks for reading and, as always, happy fundraising!
The Donr Team

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