Crisis Case Studies in the COVID Climate

Through this crisis blog series, we want to provide you with helpful resources and ideas for new ways to use text across your digital strategy – we’ve covered the likes of virtual volunteering and cancelled events in previous posts.

Through all of this, we’ve also been keeping a close eye on the innovative and exciting ways that charities from the Donr community have been incorporating text into their fundraising at this time. So today, we want to share some of these text giving crisis case studies, to help and inspire you 👇


Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter


Shortcode: 70450

In a nutshell: The power of the £1 appeal

As part of their emergency COVID response campaign, Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter launched a text appeal where the default donation amount was set to £1. Combined with the message that ‘every donation makes a huge difference’, the Shelter has been promoting their keyword on various social platforms – including video-platform TikTok to target a younger demographic.

Click here to read more about the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter case study on our website. And enjoy one of their TikTok videos below!


@ncledogandcatshelterHoudini has been learning Uptown Funk…how’d he do? ##uptownfuck ##brunomars ##markronson ##goat ##goatoftiktok♬ Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars



Tottenham Foodbank


Shortcode: 70085

In a nutshell: Getting a text keyword ‘out there’ in a crisis

Tottenham Foodbank knew they needed to be shouting from the rooftops about their new text keyword for it to have maximum fundraising impact, and so began promoting it in multiple places including on Instagram, on their Facebook page, in local interest Facebook groups, and via Whatsapp too.

Click to read more about the Tottenham Foodbank case study on our website.

It’s #foodbankfriday and these are the top 5 items Tottenham Foodbank most urgently need right now. .The good news is…

Posted by Tottenham Foodbank on Friday, 27 March 2020





Shortcode: 70085

In a nutshell: Using text to support a virtual event

In order to give people a sense of real community and let the young people and families they support know that they are not alone right now, Mermaids hosted a day-long virtual festival, DigiFest 2020, last Saturday 4th April on the Twitch platform.

Several guests were invited to help spotlight the trans community, and over 6,000 people joined them to help raise an incredible £14,097.34 in total from the event.

When it came to the call-to-action, text was one of the ways that supporters could get involved and use to donate throughout the day. The keyword DIGIFEST was used below the event’s live video stream on Twitch, on Mermaids’ website, and was also promoted on the social channels of individuals taking part in the event.

Check out the shoutout charity Patron Charlie Martin gave the virtual event below



Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust (ACT)


Shortcode: 70085

In a nutshell: Choosing a powerful keyword

As part of their emergency response to COVID-19, ACT chose the keyword “NHSHEROES” as it’s an easy and memorable keyword – one that they said is also highly relevant in terms of reflecting how we all feel about the brilliant service our fantastic NHS are currently providing across the UK.

Click to read more about the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust case study on our website. Check out their Facebook cover image below!

Posted by Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust – help make your hospitals even better on Saturday, 21 March 2020



Keyword: NHSTEA

Shortcode: 70085

In a nutshell: To support a social media challenge/virtual tea break

On that note… Addenbrooke’s have also launched a second text appeal to run concurrently alongside NHSHEROES (remember, you can set up an unlimited number of campaigns on our platform).

In order to support their virtual tea break idea that they are promoting on their social channels, ACT also created the keyword NHSTEA to enable those taking part to make a small donation via text. The idea of video calls/catch-ups are becoming far more ingrained in our daily lives at present – so to create a concept around this idea works really well.



Safe Haven for Donkeys

Keyword: DONKEY

Shortcode: 70085

In a nutshell: Promoting a virtual collection bucket on social media

Where more traditional methods of fundraising have been lost, charities are having to get creative with their digital asks.

Safe Haven for Donkeys are one of the charities who decided to give our virtual collection bucket template a go – making this graphic into their very own online call to action.

The charity has shared that their supporters responded well to the bucket and that they saw plenty of donations in response. We think the graphic looks fab – click below to head through to their Facebook and read their post in full!

(UK only)

Posted by Safe Haven for Donkeys on Friday, 27 March 2020


We hope these case studies are both helpful and inspirational – we’ll continue to add to/update this blog post where possible. If you’re using Text Giving as part of your digital strategy/in your emergency appeal at this time, let us know, as we’d love to share your campaign as part of our ongoing series of resources for our community. Take care and stay safe at this time.

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