Covid-Related Costs: What Can Charities Expect?

As lockdown restrictions ease, services are gradually reopening. However, as coronavirus is likely to remain present for some time, there is a need for additional measures to be put in place to prevent its spread. We were asked about the potential cost implications:

Will there be costs associated when the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

As lockdown measures are gradually eased and we slowly settle into the new normal, fundamental changes are going to have to be made by organisations and individuals. It’s likely that there will be a cost implication to a lot of these changes.

Should your organisation be looking to reopen, the government has published an online tool which advises what measures different organisations need to have in place to safely operate. The specific costs of reopening will vary according to the work that your organisation does.

Should your organisation be looking to adapt to more remote working, then there are likely to be costs associated with setting up staff and volunteers to work productively from home. Acas provides guidance for staff and employees on working from home. Meanwhile, this questionnaire may be helpful when assessing what support staff and volunteers need to be able to work effectively from home.

As the pandemic and resulting economic challenges have had a significant impact on charity finances, these costs may prove challenging for many charities. There is support available for charities who are trying to adapt in order to reopen, or set themselves up to work productively from home. It may also be possible for your charity to apply for one of these coronavirus funding opportunities.

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