Social Media & Fundraising: How to Break Through The Festive Season Noise

Our social media news feeds are incredibly busy places or any given day, let alone in the lead up to Christmas. Our favourite brands are trying to sell us last minute gifts or something to treat ourselves, and almost all of the causes we care about are in the midst of their final fundraising push for the calendar year. So, as charities – how do you get your voice to cut through the social media noise?

Supporter Journey Mapping

As a starting point, map out how you want supporters to feel and then what action you want them to take. This might sound incredibly obvious but sometimes we realise that we haven’t actually asked our community to donate, share or comment on our campaigns.


suppoerter journey mapping


If you have the time and resources, we’d suggest dividing the mapping into two phases:

  1. High level: jot down your overall campaign goal and how you want to make supporters feel
  2. Individual posts: it may sound like a big job, but taking the time to note each post’s purpose ensures you’re creating impactful content throughout your campaign

Next, you need to overlap your Christmas campaign content with your ‘regular’ social media schedule. Often organisations schedule general social media content weeks or even months in advance. Make sure you’re not putting out conflicting messaging or even just asking supporters to do more than one action at a time.

Stories, Stories, Stories

Whether your Christmas campaign is purely organic or you’re running social adverts too, if you’re using Facebook and Instagram, creating content specifically for Stories should be high on your to-do list. It helps you cut through the noise, because it’s the first content users engage with when they open the apps on mobile.

If you don’t have a designated Social Media Manager or a paid-for scheduling app and you’re worried you won’t have time to do Story posts on the day, you can create your Story graphics beforehand. Canva — which has a brilliant free plan! — has Instagram Story templates which you can easily add images, graphics and text to. Simply create your Story images and post them when needed.

Canva Stories Template

The power of video

2019 has officially been the year of video content, and it shows no signs of slowing down. 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every day, with video content generating 1200% more shares than photos or text. So, to cut through the noise you need video.

If you’ve already created all of your Christmas content or you don’t have the budget to have a professional video produced, don’t stress. Recording a video, yourself on your phone is just as good. It’s authentic and gives supporters the chance to get a real, closer look at your organisation. We’d suggest introducing your campaign via video — it could be a snippet of your CEO talking or even a beneficiary. Or if you have a target in mind, a great way to engage supporters is to post a video update on your progress. Finally, then when your campaign draws to a close, we’d 1000% recommend a ‘thank you’ video.

Easy ways to give

We couldn’t not mention text giving (this is our blog after all ;)). But jokes aside, if generating donations is your Christmas Campaign’s primary objective make sure your social media posts are offering supporters easy ways to give.

If possible, include more than one way to give throughout the campaign, e.g. online and via text giving. Don’t include links in Instagram captions that aren’t clickable and if you don’t have a mobile optimised website, minimise the chances of supporters not completing a donation by making text giving your primary donation call to action.

Despite the constantly changing algorithms and the ever-busyness of the Christmas period, there are tried and tested ways to make sure your Christmas campaign reaches your audiences, raises awareness for your cause and generates donations.


P.S* Don’t forget that if you’re signed up you get access to digital strategy support at no extra charge, and to download our guide on adding text giving to your Christmas campaign!

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