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5,000 reasons to celebrate!

We’re really excited to let you know that this week, we’re welcoming our 5,000th charity into the Donr community – giving us 5,000 reasons to celebrate! As such, we’re taking

Text Giving in the New Normal

A quick, easy and contactless donation metric has never been more important. In fact, the Fundraising Regulator and Chartered Institute of Fundraising recommend that this is considered when planning any

Multiple identical doors to choose from

Why Our New Shortcode Options Benefit You

Recently, we announced that we’ve added two new shortcodes into the Donr dashboard – but what does this actually mean? Although this news may not sound totally riveting (we get

Celebrating Success: Why It’s Hard to Do!

Whilst working in fundraising, celebrating success was always something that I found difficult, whilst dwelling on failures was very easy. If I reached a fundraising target, then I’d immediately move

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