#BeMoreDigital Questions & Ultimate Guide

Thank you so much for joining us at Charity Digital’s #BeMoreDigital Day. We received A LOT of questions and unfortunately got timed out on the Q&A, so we are answering them all here!

There is also much more information about Text Giving available in our beautiful Ultimate Guide to Text Giving!

So, first question…

Will you be able to answer all these questions? 🙂

Yikes, we certainly didn’t expect so many but we’ll be true to our word and answer all of the questions here!

To make the format a bit more reader friendly, we have divided the questions into categories.

Cost of Donr Text Giving

From that £1, what does the charity receive? Would just like to understand the finances.

Please could you share pricing structure info and the commission taken from the donations.

How much does it cost to set up and maintain a text giving campaign?

What’s the fee for using text to donate when you’re pulling in £25K a year?

What percentage does Donr take from the donations?

What are the approximate costs involved in setting up text giving? Apologies if this was answered early on – I missed the beginning!

Big question. What percentage of the donation goes to the charity and how much goes to the organization?

Donr charges 5% plus VAT on any donations processed. We don’t charge any set up fees, monthly fees or dormancy fees.

We use this pricing model to make text giving accessible to all charities, there is no risk that any charity will make a financial loss, as fees are only paid when you receive donations.

Return on Investment

Thanks guys, great presentation. Any average ROI for the service?

The pricing model means that the ROI for using the service itself is constant.

Donation Amounts

What £ amount of donation is an average donation via text? what is a reasonable amount to ask for?

In terms of promoting donation amounts for text-giving. What are the most successful 

amounts across the Donr platform? Thanks

Do you find round numbers more enticing for people to donate (e.g. £5, £10, £15 etc) or other numbers like £6, £12, £24?)

The average donation amount during lockdown was approximately £8. However, most donations are round figures like £5 or £10.

We would suggest either making your donation ask a round number OR relating it to what you’re raising money for to make the donation tangible. For example, £4 can provide a child with breakfast for a week – please text BREAKFAST to donate £4 to our charity.

Is there an option for donors to choose the amount they wish to give or choose from a limited selection?

Which has a better conversion rate – specifying amounts or leaving it blank for donor to decide?

Yes, a supporter can always choose their donation amount by adding it to the end of their message – e.g. KEYWORD 3 to give £3. A supporter can give £1 to £20 to any campaign.

The easiest way to manage this is to set up your campaign with no default donation amount. 

We would recommend that you only market one donation amount, or a limited selection of donation amounts. This makes it clear and simple for your supporter to understand what you are asking them to do, which increases the likelihood of them donating.

Great stats and presentation!  Did I hear you say a maximum of £20 can be given?  I feel sure that I have seen text giving which is over this…

We work on the basis that a maximum of £20 can be given.

It is possible for donations of up to £30 to be made, but enabling donations of more than £20 on a keyword requires sign off from some of the mobile networks. We generally recommend against this, as it will delay your campaign going live and, from experience, most people want to donate £20 or under via text.

Different Uses for Text Giving

Can fundraisers use text donate to collect sponsors – or is it more for use to donate to the charity directly (if that makes sense?) Apologies, this is a new way to fundraise for us 🙂

Yes they can. Text Giving can work as a standalone way for supporters to fundraise, or can be an addition to an online donation page. On Great North Run or London Marathon Day (when they finally return…) we’re sure you will see runners with their keyword and shortcode printed on their vest!

We want to run a text raffle. Does Donr support this or just donations?

We can support raffles, or ‘Prize Draws With an Optional Donation’ as we have to call them. To comply with regulations, this needs to be a free to enter prize draw, with an optional donation.

As there is a bit of fiddly tech stuff to sort out, these prize draws have to be set up manually by our tech team. We ask for at least a week’s notice before you would like to launch to ensure that we can get everything ready for you.

Please contact brad@donr.com to find out more.

Can you set up multiple text codes, i.e. for different amounts or different campaigns?

Yep, you can have unlimited keywords at no additional cost, so you can set up as many as you like.

Hi Donr Team, do you find that certain channels see a better response with Text to Donate that others?

Certain channels do tend to work better than others, but there is quite a variance between charities. We do have a Text Giving Journey, which outlines some good channels to try when you are getting started with Text Giving.

You can view the journey in our Ultimate Guide to Text Giving.

Where could we see examples of wording / messaging / imagery used for these campaigns?

You can see examples of wording, messaging and imagery in our Ultimate Guide to Text Giving or via the case studies section of our website.

Has anyone held an auction online? We are planning a virtual event. Do you have any ideas for a small charity to maximise profit. Could it be a text auction? Would that work?

We don’t currently have a system for text-based auctions. Given that the maximum donation amount via text is £20 and most auction prizes are a lot more than this, it wouldn’t really work. However, if you fancy having a prize draw for some of those items then give us a shout!

Regular Text Giving

Most text giving seems to be one off donations. How does it work for regular giving?

Text Giving is used more frequently for one-off donations. However, it is growing in popularity for regular donations.

You can have a dedicated regular giving keyword, so that when people text they sign up to regular donation. Or, with our conversion message you can steward one-off supporters to become regular givers.

We will also be launching an outbound platform in the coming months, which will enable you to provide more detailed stewardship journeys and give updates to your regular donors.

How well do people respond to regular giving over text? I worry the attrition would be higher as it makes their mobile bill higher

Hi there! Thanks very much for the interesting presentations. Regarding regular giving, do you know what your average retention period is for donors – how long do people continue with the regular giving once they have signed up? 

Regular Text Giving is relatively new and as attrition is a longer term measure, we don’t yet have accurate data. However, anecdotally, we have learned that people are prepared to make regular donations via text for a prolonged period.

We anticipate that attrition will be higher than for Direct Debit, but the selling point for regular text giving is that it is highly flexible and puts the supporter in control. Many people are reluctant to set up a Direct Debit, as they are concerned they will forget about it and continue to make payments for years. Regular Text Giving appeals to such individuals and gives them the confidence to set up a regular donation that they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Marketing Opt-In and Supporter Data

Do you have any stats on average number of donors that consent to be contacted in future following a text donation?

Over 90% of donors provide marketing consent when making a donation. We think this is a pretty incredible stat and gives loads of opportunities for charities to market via text message to these supporters.

Can you gather data on the people who give, and do you have the option to send them a message with your wording around GDPR such as signing up to your newsletter, and how they would like to be contacted?

What data would you receive from the CSV file, would it just be the donor’s phone number?

What kind of donor information do you receive? As many platforms just give you the phone number & nothing else unless they sign up for gift aid.

Primarily, you would receive the donors phone number. If they completed a Gift Aid declaration, then you would also receive additional data relating to this.

Text Giving has a marketing opt-in rate of over 90%. In the near future, we plan to launch our outbound platform, which will allow you to design supporter journeys, which will provide the perfect opportunity to obtain more information about your supporters.

Gift Aid

Can you clarify re Gift Aid – do we have to claim ourselves?

Yes. We collect the data for you, you then submit this in your claim to HMRC. This means that you get to keep 100% of your Gift Aid claim, which is a bonus!

There’s some more information on Gift Aid available here.

Reporting and CRM Systems

Love the look of this product. Can the donor data be uploaded onto CRM systems?

Does Donr integrate with a donation manager?

At present, we have one ready to use integration with the Donorfy CRM, which can be set up from within our dashboard. However, all transactional and Gift Aid data can be downloaded directly from the dashboard at any time in CSV format. You can then upload this data to your charity’s CRM of choice at intervals of your choice.

Text Giving and Other Fundraising Mechanisms

Hi, We are researching contactless/cashless options on static collection pots, which makes up a large percentage of our Community income. Has any charities successfully added text-to-donate to their pots through Donr and is there any ‘tap’ tech like NFC that automatically fills text ready to send, so supporters don’t have to fill in manually?

It is possible to set up a QR code so that it automatically populates a text message – so you could set it up in this way.

Alternatively, typing out a simple keyword and shortcode can be as simple as scanning a QR code, so you may wish to add your keyword and shortcode instead of the QR code. Or you could add both.

Is there any data on the success comparison of text giving versus QR codes?

We aren’t aware of any data comparisons between Text Giving and QR codes. Both can be useful to have in your fundraising toolkit!

Text Giving has a broader range of applications than QR codes, so if you’re choosing one or the other than we would suggest text.  QR codes are useful for flyers and posters, but don’t really work elsewhere. Whereas, as well as flyers and posters, you can also include Text Giving calls to action in videos, at virtual events, via spoken word, on social media, on merchandise and through TV and radio.

Fraud prevention

What do you do to prevent fraud?

We have policies in place to protect charities and supporters from fraud, you can find out more here.

Finally, a reminder of where to find the Ultimate Guide to Text Giving

Can you remind us where we get the pack to download please?

The Ultimate Guide to Text Giving is available here.


If you had a question that we haven’t covered here, then please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’d be delighted to chat to you. 🙂

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