3 Things Donr Learned At the #BeMoreDigital Conference

Last week, we sent our two Sams (for those of you that don’t know, that’s Sam Morris and Sam Lade) down to London to attend Charity Digital’s #BeMoreDigital conference at the Olympia Conference Centre. We had a great time, chatting away with individuals from charities about what we at Donr can provide through our tech – but, as always, we also learned a lot from our conversations and the topics in focus at the conference! So, what did we learn?


1. Defining “Digital”

One key takeaway that we learned is that “digital” truly means something different to everyone! Charity Digital placed a large board at the end of the main conference room (see below image) and invited attendees to write the word that came to them when asked: “What does being more digital mean to you?”.

Answers ranged from data-related (“GDPR”, “breach”, “Datakind UK”) to ethics (“transparency”, “privacy”, “protection”), to approaches (“adaptability”, “future-proof”, “scalability”). A real mix that covers the all-encompassing meaning that “digital” can hold for charities of all shapes and sizes.

There will be various different areas in which charities will initially decide to focus when going more digital – whether that be starting with social media, dealing with data, or even by outlining their overall approach to life in the digital age.


'What does being more digital mean to you?' display board from Charity Digital
“What does being more digital mean to you?” Originally tweeted by @CharityDigiOrg https://twitter.com/CharityDigiOrg/status/1235588281896783872


2. Barcode scanners – the future?

Fitting perfectly into the theme of being more digital, the event organisers provided all exhibitors with barcode scanners. Why? So that following our brilliant chats with fundraisers about their work and where Text Giving could fit into their strategy, we could easily scan the barcode on their visitors pass in order to digitally receive their contact details.

No need for the lengthy process of swapping email addresses (a time-saver) or the exchanging of paper business cards (bonus points for being a more eco-friendly way of doing things!)

Although we joked that we felt like supermarket cashiers, we found it a really smart and quick way of collecting contact information. It seems likely that the slight awkwardness of asking if you can scan the person you’re speaking to (which could be compared to asking the person you really like if you can have their mobile after a first date!) will become less and less as this becomes a more common way of doing things.


Donr’s Sam Morris sits on a sofa enjoying the contemporary layout of Pixl8's exhibition space at the #BeMoreDigital conference
Donr’s Sam Morris sits on a sofa enjoying the contemporary layout of Pixl8’s exhibition space at the #BeMoreDigital conference


3. Text is the perfect “add-on” when digitising your fundraising strategy

Now we might be biased – but we believe that Text Giving is a great first step for charities who currently use more traditional methods of fundraising, but want to dip their toes into a more digital way of doing things. Once created, text keywords can live both in offline locations (billboards, posters, merchandise) as well as online ones too (social media, website, e-mail footer). It perfectly spans the new age and the old – meaning you can try it wherever feels comfortable for you whilst ensuring no donors are left behind.

Another big theme of the conference was data – we had plenty of attendees drop by our stand to let us know about the great data-centred sessions they’d been to, as well as ask about the data that’s available to a charity using Donr Text Giving.

We were able to bust plenty of myths, including that you can’t get marketing consent when using Text Giving. You can! After running a text campaign which captures consent, you can then download the mobile numbers of those who opted in for further communications to continue the conversation with them and expand their supporter journeys.

By simply adding a text keyword to say, your next event, you can collect not only donations but also crucial opt-ins, to take a new group of donors who want to give in this way on their own individual journeys within your charity.


Thank you for reading – we hope that if you attended #BeMoreDigital that it was just as exciting and inspiring for you as it was for us. Huge shout out to the guys at Charity Digital (@CharityDigiOrg) for hosting such a fab conference, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!


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