Text Journeys

Build relationships with your supporters via text message

  • Create bespoke text campaigns to engage your community
  • Increase donations by incentivising regular giving
  • Marketing via text message has a 98% open rate - compared to 25% for email

Why market via text message?

High open rates

Marketing sent via text message has a 98% open rate, compared to 25% for email.

Ensure your supporters see the content you want them to see, to build deeper relationships and encourage more regular giving.

  • From name

  • Audience

  • Schedule


Addressed from your charity

Your charity’s name will populate the contact information, so your supporter knows it’s you sending them a message.


Select your audience

Communicate with supporters who have previously donated via text, or upload a spreadsheet of opted-in supporters that you would like to contact.


Schedule in advance

Reach your supporters at the perfect moment by scheduling your messages in advance.

Build deep relationships with supporters

With Donr Text Journeys, you can help supporters understand the impact they're having - with regular updates on your charity's achievements. You can add rich media links to audio and video to bring these achievements to life, and you can find out more about why your supporters care about your charity. 


Steward future support

Text is a simple way to reach your community with the right message at the right time, with tailored messages that are more likely to convert one-off givers into regular supporters. 


“We were excited to try Text Journeys to engage our supporter base. The tool was straightforward to use and we will certainly be adding it to our fundraising plans.”

"We have found the Text Journeys service a great way to keep in contact with supporters and beneficiaries, who prefer texts over emails that get lost in their spam folder."

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Hope Rescue’s supporter journey via text

Hope Rescue used Text Journeys to steward one-off supporters into regular givers, by sending a simple series of two text messages.

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