How do I register my charity for Mobile Lotteries?

This article will guide you through the 5 steps to register for Mobile Lotteries.

Table of Contents

Step 1: Registration Form

Step 2: Register with the PSA

Step 3: Register with your local authority

Step 4: Add licence info into dashboard

Step 5: Create lottery page

Note - this article applies to charities already registered with the Donr platform. If your charity is not yet registered, you should sign up here and then follow the instructions from step 1.

Step 1: Registration Form

Complete our short registration form here

In this form we will ask for some information about any existing lotteries or lottery licences your charity holds. Please provide as much detail as possible, as this will help us to guide you through the remainder of the registration process. 

Step 2: Register with the PSA

The Phone-paid Services Authority is the regulator for services charged to a phone bill. As Mobile Lotteries is billed to mobile phones, participating charities must register with the PSA.

To register, complete the registration form on the PSA website . Please note that charities are exempt from any fees. Once the form is completed, you will instantly be registered with the PSA.

Step 3: Register with your local authority

In order to use Mobile Lotteries, your charity must register with your local authority.

Local authority registration

Registering with your local authority allows your charity to sell up to £250,000 worth of tickets in a year. Note - if you run any other society lotteries or raffles, these will count towards your £250,000 allowance.

You can find your charity's local authority by clicking here.

Once you have identified your charity's local authority, visit its website and search 'small lottery licence'. This should bring up a short application form, which you should complete. Most local authorities will process an application within 14 days. The cost is £40 for the first year and £20 for each year afterwards.

 There is full guidance from the Gambling Commission here.

Large Lottery Licence

If your lottery grows to be larger £250,000 worth of tickets in a year, then you will need to apply for a licence from the Gambling Commission.

You can find more information on this process here.

Step 4: Add licence info into the dashboard

Once we receive your completed registration form from Step 1, we will open up a section of the Dashboard for you to input registration details so that it is ready when you have completed Steps 2 and 3.

To access this section of the Dashboard:

Donr Dashboard > Mobile Lotteries > Licence > Input information > Submit for approval

This information will be automatically sent through to us for verification.

Step 5: Create lottery page

Once we have verified the information submitted in Step 4, you will have the functionality to create your lottery page. You can do this by following the instructions here.