Why has my lottery entry failed?

Over 90% of mobile phones are able to enter lotteries. However, from time to time entry can fail. In this article we explain what steps you can take if your entry fails.

Step 1: Check you are on a compatible network

Lottery entry works with the majority of UK mobile phone networks including the four major networks, O2, EE, Three and Vodafone.

However, there are some networks which don't allow customers to pay for lottery entries via their mobile. This includes BT Mobile, Sky Mobile, iD Mobile and Plusnet. It is also not possible to enter lotteries from a non-UK mobile phone number.

If your network is not listed here, then we would suggest searching their website to see if they support 'carrier billing' or contact customer services for your mobile phone network.

Step 2: Check your account doesn't have a spend cap

If you are on a compatible network but can't enter, the most likely cause is a spend cap on your account.

Network specific instructions for removing your spend cap can be found here:

For other networks, we would suggest searching for spend cap on your network's website, or calling customer services.

Step 3: Check with your network

If you are on a compatible network and don't have a spend cap, then we would suggest contacting your mobile phone network to enquire why your entry is not working.