Where do I find information on my organisation's pay-outs from Donr?



Please note, we are currently experiencing some teething issues with the Payouts section of the Dashboard, as we launch our new fundraising solutions, and various improvements to our service.

Right now, please follow these instructions to work out how to reconcile your September 2021 pay-outs manually.
September 2021 pay-outs are made up of any donations you have had via our system which fall into any of the following three categories:
- Vodafone donations from June 2021
- Virgin, EE, O2, Sky Mobile, Three donations from July 2021
- Card donations from August 2021.
Please use the All Donations module's filter tools to view these donations.
For instance, to see Vodafone donations from June 2021:
Donr Dashboard > All Donations > Filter by month: June 2021 > All gateways: deselect all, select Vodafone, click OK > Click blue filter icon.
This will show all donations via Vodafone in June 2021.
Switch from Summary to Detailed view to see correct information about your donations' amounts and campaigns.
Repeat this process for Virgin, EE, O2, Sky Mobile and Three donations from July 2021, and then again for card donations from August 2021. To see card donations, deselect any gateway which is a mobile network operator.
The above will also work, if you are looking for information on pay-outs from other months.
Please also note that, currently VAT is not being taken into account by the Payouts section – if the pay-out which has landed in your organisation's bank account is slightly higher than anticipated, this may well be why.


You can find information on how much we’ll pay out to your organisation, when we’ll pay it and which donations make up your pay-out on the Invoices screen:

Donr Dashboard > Menu to left side of screen > Payouts

Pending Invoices show pay-outs which we are yet to send to your organisation’s bank account but you can see the amount we’ll send in the ‘Total Payable’ column and the date on which we’ll send it in the ‘Due Date’ column.

Paid Invoices show pay-outs which have been sent to your organisation’s bank account. Use the drop-down menu to select the date for the pay-out you wish to learn more about. At the bottom of the ‘Total Payable’ column you’ll see the amount which has been paid into your account. The amounts payable from each of the invoices listed make up that total. For instance, you may have two invoices, both for a pay-out of £9.40. Together, these make up a pay-out of £18.80, which should be the amount you see at the bottom of the ‘Total Payable’ column and the amount you see we have paid into your organisation’s bank account.

Use the ‘three dots’ button next to each invoice to either download a PDF copy of it (which shows the full breakdown of fees incurred on its donations) or to select ‘Donations’ and be taken to a pre-filtered Donations page which shows the donations which make up the amount shown on the invoice.