What is Donr?

Donr is a UK-based fundraising platform that helps organisations registered with the Charity Commission in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland take digital donations from their supporters. Donations can be taken via mobile phone payment, credit/debit card payment and via digital wallet services, depending on the individual fundraising solution a charity is using.

We have a number of different fundraising solutions that our charity partners can choose to take advantage of. Your favourite charity might ask you to text a certain word to one of our short phone numbers to make a donation via text, they might ask you to visit a web page and make a donation through that or even to take part in a text message-based fundraising raffle.

What you can be sure of is that Donr is a fully registered and UK company, regulated by both the Phone-Paid Services Authority and the Fundraising Regulator, as well as being registered with the Institute of Fundraising, and the charities we work with are all registered and regulated by the Charity Commission in either England and Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, so you’re donating to a genuine charity via a safe, secure service.