How do I set up a Text Journey?

A Text Journey allows you to send outbound messages to your supporters en masse via text message. This means you can send supporters follow-up messages about your charity’s work and ask them for further donations to help your cause. You must have purchased ‘Message Credits’ to be able to send these messages.

To set up a Text Journey:

Donr Dashboard > Menu to left of screen > Text Journeys

The Create screen explained

  • The ‘From’ field is the name of your charity, as it will be seen by supporters when they receive your text message. Please note, this field is limited to 11 characters so your organisation’s name may be abbreviated.
  • The ‘To’ field is where you can select a group of numbers to send text messages to (see below for more information).
  • If you wish to enter phone numbers manually, you can do so in the ‘enter numbers manually’ field. Please note, if you have selected a group and then enter numbers into the ‘enter numbers manually’ field, texts will be sent to both group members and those whose numbers you have entered manually.
  • Choose the date and time your message is sent on the ‘set date and time’ field.
  • Type your message into the ‘Your Message’ field. Please note, messages are limited to 160 characters. If your message copy goes over 160 characters, it will be sent as two separate messages, costing you two credits.
  • Although it is not a requirement to include a way for supporters to opt out of further communication from your organisation in every message you send, it is advisable to make this option available to them regularly. Copy the #opt-out-link# from the ‘Unsubscribing supporters’ information box to include an opt-out link in your message. This will allow supporters to access a web page where they can remove their consent for future communications.
  • Once you have set the fields as you wish, click ‘Next’ to confirm the details of your new Text Journey then hit ‘Send Message’ to send/schedule or ‘Close’ to make changes.

The Messages screen explained

On the Messages screen, you can see messages which you have either sent previously, scheduled to send or cancelled.

  • The ‘Message’ column shows the start of the copy of your message. To view the full content of your message, use the ‘three dots’ button to the right of the message and select ‘View.’
  • The ‘Scheduled’ column shows the date and time that the message was sent, is scheduled to be sent or was scheduled to be sent before it was cancelled.
  • The ‘Status’ column indicates whether a message has been sent, is scheduled or was cancelled.

The Groups screen explained

The Groups screen is where you can create new groups of supporters’ mobile numbers to send messages to. For instance, if you hold an event and collect communication consent from your supporters there, you may wish to send them event-specific follow-up, so you could create a group specifically for attendees of that event.

  • Give your group a name that helps you remember what links its members when you upload a new group. This will appear in the ‘Group Name’ column.
  • Give your group a description that helps you remember what links its members when you upload a new group. This will appear in the ‘Description’ column.
  • The number of supporters’ mobile numbers in that group will appear in the ‘Supporters’ column.
  • Use the ‘Upload’ button to upload a new group of supporter mobile numbers. Name your group, describe it, then you can either add mobile numbers manually or upload a CSV file of numbers. Please note, you should type mobile numbers with a 07 at the start (rather than ‘+44’ or ‘44’) and your CSV file should contain nothing but mobile numbers – no column headers, no names, no descriptions, just mobile numbers.