Can my charity pay for Text Journeys credits by invoice?

If your charity would rather pay for Text Journeys credits by invoice, rather than by making an online purchase from within the Dashboard, we can facilitate this request, as long as the purchase meets certain criteria.

The most efficient method for purchasing Text Journeys credits is from within the Donr Dashboard:

Donr Dashboard > Purchase credits > Select credit amount > Fill in payment details > Buy credits

Purchasing credits in this way means that they are applied to your organisation's Donr account, as soon as you have completed the online payment. However, we understand that some charities prefer to have their finance teams pay via invoice, and we can facilitate this request, provided certain criteria are met:

  • The minimum credit amount for invoiced purchases is 10,000 credits (£400 + VAT);
  • Payment must be received before the purchased credits will be added to the account.

If your organisation is interested in purchasing Text Journeys credits in this way, please email to start the process off, and a member of our customer experience team will guide you through the rest of the payment process – you will be asked to provide an email address which Donr can send the invoice to and, once it is paid, we will let you know once we have received the funds and added the credits to your organisation's Donr account.

Payments can be made via FPS, FPS Next Day or BACS. Please note that we will only be able to add the Text Journeys credits to your organisation's Donr account, once the payment has reached our bank account and the method of payment can affect the time taken for this to happen:

  • FPS payments normally arrive on the same day they're sent;
  • FPS Next Day payments normally arrive the day after they're sent;
  • BACS payments normally arrive 3 days after they're sent.
If your organisation has a New Supplier form which you'd like Donr to complete, please let us know and we can get this arranged for you or, if your organisation has received an invoice from Donr and you're unsure of what it's for, please call us on 0333 4444 777 option 2 or email to check.