Teesside Hospice

Ambassador for Teesside Hospice and Premier League footballer, Ben Gibson, wanted to raise funds to assist the hospice in its battle against Covid-19. After discussing several ideas, the ‘26 Keep Up Challenge’ was developed, which tied in with the 2.6 challenge being run across the charity sector in April 2020.

The challenge raised over £25,000 for the hospice and attracted support from football fans, broadcasters and professionals including Paul Merson, Robbie Keane and Fabrizio Ravanelli.

Debbie Coulson, Head of Fundraising, Marketing & Communications at Teesside Hospice explained that the key to the success of the challenge was its authenticity and simplicity. Football was central to the challenge, which meant that it appealed perfectly to Ben Gibson’s social media followers. This combined with a clear and simple donation ask, meant that the campaign performed really well.

Text-to-donate was chosen as the payment mechanism, with a fixed amount of £5, as the hospice wanted a quick and simple way for people to donate. Rather than people being put off by long donation forms, it was very easy for people to pledge their funds and then to share a screenshot of their donation on social media to encourage others to do the same.

Gift Aid on Text donations​

Keyword: 26KEEPUP
Shortcode: 70470
Default amount: £5

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