The Campaign

Taking place at five of the UK’s finest stately homes across the summer months, the Battle Proms is the UK’s premier picnic concert series. Since 2018, the Battle Proms has proudly supported SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity, in order to support their work offering lifelong support to members of the Forces and their families.

After signing up with Donr earlier in 2019 ahead of their Big Brew Up event, SSAFA decided that adding a text call to action could be the perfect ‘add-on’ to accompany the other donation methods planned for the Proms.

Since a new keyword can be created in the Donr Dashboard in just a matter of minutes, SSAFA set up several text campaigns in anticipation of the upcoming events.


The Results

When speaking with the charity after the Proms, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

The audience had clearly responded well to this new text giving call to action, with almost £1,000 being raised via SMS donations across the five events. As the charity had opted to include text giving as an additional layer to their events fundraising toolkit, anything that came in via text giving was seen as a bonus – or the “cherry on top of the cake”!

The audience responded well to this new text giving call to action, with almost £1,000 being raised via SMS donations

The return in donations for the time taken to set up three text keywords (and with no risk of a financial loss) was as such seen as a big win in the charity’s eyes.

Incredibly, generous audience donations and a contribution from concert profits had helped SSAFA to raise a record-breaking £67,000 across the entire Proms.

Why Text Giving works so well as an “add-on”

Text Giving really is the perfect “add-on” to any campaign your charity might have planned.  Since new text keywords can be created and be ready to use instantly, no matter what stage you’re at in your campaign planning, it’s always worth adding this “cherry on top” to see which extra donations can be brought in via text!

Using Text Giving at an event for the first time will also give you some initial data to analyse and learn from ahead of your next event– which is exactly what SSAFA intend to do ahead of next year’s round of Battle Proms.


Gift Aid on Text donations​

Keyword: ‘5BATTLE’, ‘10BATTLE’, ‘20BATTLE’
Shortcode: 70085
Default amount: £5, £10, £20

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