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How to add text giving to your social media fundraising 
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The Katie Piper Foundation has been improving the lives’ of burn victims for close to a decade. In July this year, in a bid to grow their individual giving portfolio as well as kickstart their mobile giving fundraising journey, they decided to trial text giving for the first time as part of their social media fundraising.

The campaign

The Foundation included a text-to-donate call to action in their Twitter and Instagram coverage of Katie Piper’s participation in the 2019 ASICS London 10k, in which they hoped to raise enough in order to pay for one patient’s stay at the Foundation’s Rehab Centre. The campaign also allowed supporters to donate online.

After an initial session with our digital strategist, the Foundation introduced their text giving keyword RUNKATIE to Katie’s followers two weeks before the event. This helped build awareness around the donation method in the lead up to event.

Following a campaign debrief with our digital strategist, the Foundation found that their peak giving periods included:

  • Katie Piper’s pre-announcement on Instagram Stories two weeks before the event which had a social ‘shelf-life’ of 24 hours
  • Two days before the event

The campaign also received 13 times as many text donations versus online

Why text giving and social media are the perfect fit

Donr — Katie Piper Foundation 1Our social media apps are busy places, and all content is created with one aim in mind — to get us to stop scrolling and take action. But whether it’s liking, commenting or making a donation, as content creators you only have your follower’s attention for a limited amount of time.

It’s therefore of the utmost importance that charities offer digital supporters quick and seamless ways to give. By including a text giving keyword on social media that’s easy to remember along with a default amount, all supporters have to do is minimise their social apps and send a short text message – a digital fundraising success.


Their text giving setup 

Shortcode: 70085
Default amount: 3

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With an aim to end hunger and poverty in the UK, The Trussell Trust supports a nationwide network of food banks by providing emergency food and support. To offer their supporters more choice, they added text giving to their website’s online donation options.

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