Welcoming Donorfy To The Donr Community

We’re pleased to announce that Donr will be integrating our fundraising technology with Donorfy – a leading CRM system – in July 2019.

It’s going to be really simple to take advantage of this new feature too. An organisation will simply have to log onto the Donr Dashboard and add the Donorfy option to their account, using the newly introduced ‘Integrations’ section of the Dashboard. Data will appear as soon as this is done.

We know that this is an announcement that many of our Charity Partners have been waiting for – by removing the need for the manual addition of Text Giving donors to their CRM system, charities will be able to significantly improve the supporter journey of those donors.

Charities that use both Donr and Donorfy will see data associated with their Donr donations appear automatically in their Donorfy account, along with all the required Gift Aid information. This will enable Donorfy to automatically reclaim the tax from HMRC.

‘We know that, as charities and donors move more and more towards Text Giving, that sometimes the Text Giving donor gets left behind in communications and the supporter journey,’ our CEO, Chris, explains. ‘We wanted to make it easier for our charity clients to use Donorfy’s services together with ours, as we see it as an opportunity to help them keep people better engaged with the causes they choose to support.’

The guys over at Donorfy are just as excited as we are: ‘Donorfy is built for integration,’ said their CEO, Robin Fisk. ‘By working together and integrating our technologies, we are helping charities maximise their donations, increase supporter loyalty and minimise their costs.’

By launching this integration, Donr is aiming to eliminate the need for charities to use spreadsheets or other methods to track or transfer vital data. There are also plans to extend this to even more charities, as we integrate with other CRM solutions in the near future.

So watch this space and, as always, happy fundraising!
The Donr Team

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