4 Case Studies using Text Giving within Venues

As we move further into springtime and restrictions continue to ease, we can’t wait to see the doors to many of our favourite venues re-open once more 🙌

Text Giving is the perfect giving tool as we enter the ‘new normal’ of fundraising – but if you’re wondering where to start when it comes to promoting a text CTA in your venue, we’ve got you covered with inspiration from 4 brilliant case studies.

1. Chester Zoo

One of our case studies, Chester Zoo, display in-situ CTA on signage

Why not take a leaf out of Chester Zoo’s book and choose to display in-situ signage around your venue?

At various points around their grounds, the zoo have placed banners to ensure that their text call to action is seen by their visitors.

Using signage (such as banners, posters or even using digital screens) completely negates the need for any physical contact or proximity when it comes to making a donation – no passing around contactless technology or queueing at a box is required. It provides a truly contactless way to give!

Read more about Chester Zoo’s case study here

2. The Lullaby Trust

If you’re hosting an event when your venue re-opens, you might find some inspiration from The Lullaby Trust‘s success story.

When touring the UK in 2019, author (and charity ambassador) Adam Kay pledged to raise £50k for The Lullaby Trust, initially through bucket collections.

However, when it became apparent that some venues had restrictions on bucket activity, and that not all audience members carried cash, a new cashless solution was introduced.

The keyword “LULLABY” was incorporated into Adam’s fundraising, helping to capture a wider range of supporters and grow their mobile giving supporter base. And, post-Covid, there are some strong takeaways here for the future of fundraising at a venue-based event!

Read more about the Lullaby Trust’s case study here

3. Friends of Cullen

Asking for optional text donations is another exciting way to collect donations within a physical space or venue. We love this example from the Friends of Cullen, who ask for optional text donations from their – ahem – users!

Supporters using their free public toilets are invited to text “PAY2PEE” to donate £1, in order to keep them clean and functioning.

Other examples where optional text donations can be encouraged include asking visitors to donate upon entering your premises, or when parking in your car park – but crucially, only where these activities are already free to use.

Remember: Text Giving cannot be used to purchase goods or services – but it can be used for voluntary gifts.


Perhaps you’re planning on hosting an outdoor event at a venue this summer? Integrating text donations into your fundraising could be a great permanent replacement for the likes of cash donations/collection buckets.

Pre-Covid, SSAFA chose to use a Text Giving CTA as an ‘add-on’ to their fundraising plans during the summer Battle Proms events (the UK’s premier picnic concert series).

Incorporating Text Giving helped to raise an additional £1,000 of income across the event series – not a bad return for the couple of minutes it took to set up their text campaigns from the Donr Dashboard!

Read more about SSAFA’s case study here

We’re wishing you all the best as we move forwards and help to shape our “New Normal”! If we’ve inspired you with a fundraising idea and you’re ready to set up your latest campaign, simply click the button below.

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