Upskilling – the art of taking what you already do well and doing it even better

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again…and bring their friends.” Walt Disney

What’s It All About?

Here at Donr, we’re always looking to get better at what we do. Whether that’s the products we offer to our charity partners, or how we support them and their supporters. Because we’re firm believers that if charities know that we’re always on a mission to be the best we can be that they’ll keep on coming back to us, and they’ll bring friends.

To help us continually improve, we’re all big fans of upskilling – taking our current abilities and improving on them. There are many different forms that upskilling can take, so let’s dive on in and take a look…

Formal Upskilling

This is probably what most people associate with upskilling. Continual Professional Development (CPD) has long been a buzzword in UK workplaces and this can often take the form of courses undertaken either during the workday – in a ‘classroom’ or online – or as a home-study project.

At Donr, we encourage our staff to seek out opportunities for formal upskilling which they feel will help them to perform their roles even better than they already do. For instance, Callum, our Relationship Manager, has just completed a Level 4 Diploma in Customer Service to help him stay on top of queries from our ever-increasing client base. Well done, Callum!

Lunch and Learns

Got some information you need to get across to your colleagues but don’t want to sit them down for a long, boring meeting? Grab some snacks, get the kettle on and invite them to a ‘lunch and learn!’ You can chat them through your key points then invite questions and feedback – all in a comfortable, relaxed setting that will encourage openness and team bonding.

Donr — Upskilling – the art of taking what you already do well and doing it even better 1

Informal Upskilling

A modern organisation knows that staff can’t be pedal-to-the-metal, churning out quality deliverables every second of every minute of every day they’re in the office. Humans just can’t function at such high capacity for such long lengths of time. However, encouraging employees to use their computers for some light research into something relevant to their work can be a great way of ensuring their ‘down-time’ benefits them and the company.

This ‘quiet learning time’ can be anything from catching up with the latest industry news to blog posts on relevant content. Encouraging employees to use some of their worktime in a relatively light, informal way lets them know you’re sympathetic to their need for downtime, while ensuring they’re still using their time in a smart way.

The Bottom Line

Staying still is actually going backwards. Upskilling encourages employees to improve their skills, helps build their confidence and can help drive your company forward — a win-win in our opinion.⚡️

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