The Survey Series: Your Mobile Supporter Journey

We strive to be a platform created by collaboration and feedback. So, in April, we designed a survey to find out more about how the UK charity sector is using text giving, your supporter journeys and what you need next to take your fundraising to the next level — and the results are in.

This new blog series will dive deeper into the results, sharing what the Donr Community have to say about everything from fundraising KPIs to your favourite ways to learn new digital fundraising skills. To kick off we thought we’d start with your mobile supporter journey.

We know how important data collection is to fundraisers. Without it, you can’t show supporters what your community has achieved beyond the impact of their donation, deepen their emotional connection to your cause and more.

But when we asked the Donr Community what you do with your opt-in data nearly 80% of you said that you don’t have a text donation supporter journey at all.



Do you have a digital strategy?

Several bodies of research within the sector point towards a lack of digital skills, including the Charity Digital Skills Report 2019, compiled by Skills Platform and Zoe Amar Digital, which found that more than half (52%) of charities don’t have a digital strategy at all.

Although we know a lack of funding and skills are some of the main obstacles preventing charities from better integrating digital into their work, we wondered if there are challenges specific to text and mobile giving that are preventing charities from developing comprehensive text donation journeys.

For example, are there clear sector guidelines for creating text and mobile-specific fundraising and community engagement strategies? Or, are we jumping the gun and the reason charities aren’t doing anything with their supporters’ mobile numbers is because there isn’t a streamlined way to integrate data from text giving into their CRMs?

With donations by text expected to grow by 34% in the next 12 months, we hope to create more tools to solve the challenges mentioned above. But and as always if there’s something you think we should add to the dashboard, or you have a brainwave in the middle of the night and want to share it, let us know!

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