The Survey Series: The Text Giving Supporter Journey

Growing your mobile number database allows you to take donors on a supporter journey that shows them everything from the impact of their donation to introducing them to a completely different area of your work. Or does it?


Survey results

In our survey series, we asked members of the Donr Community what you do with your data once you download it from the Donr Dashboard. A whopping 77% said that you don’t have a text giving supporter journey at all, and so we explored why.


The Power of SMS

Our email inboxes are busy places. Just take a moment to think about how many times you’ve deleted all the emails in your ‘Promotions’ tab because even though you opted to receive them, you just don’t have the time or capacity to sift through them all.

According to Campaign Monitor, just 20% of all emails are opened, compared to SMS open rates which are as high as 98%, and it makes perfect sense. Our text message inboxes just aren’t as busy. To test our theory we polled the office, with the majority of Donr HQ revealing that the only texts they receive are appointment reminders, parcel delivery updates as well as a couple of conversations with friends and family who prefer not to use other apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

So why aren’t charities communicating via SMS when their supporters have said that they want to be contacted via text?


Leading by example

On a quest to find out more, we scoured the internet for examples of SMS supporter journey campaigns and advice from service providers and charity bodies. Here’s what we found:


The NHS Blood and Transplant Journey

Although the NHS’ text supporter journey starts with a blood donation and not a monetary one, we still think it deserves to be mentioned. The service very cleverly uses outbound texts to deepen the donor’s emotional connection to the NHS and its Give Blood campaign. Once a supporter’s blood has been used they receive a text to let them know which hospital its been issued at — reminding them their donation has had a positive impact on a real person’s life.

Battersea Rehoming Alerts

Launched just last week, Battersea’s new text service combines text donations and rehoming alerts which let you know when a cat or dog has found their forever family.

Battersea Text Donation


Our internet scour, however, ended there. Excluding the two campaigns mentioned above, we could only find general content about supporter journeys which often only included a sentence or two about SMS.

We know from our survey that a lack of digital skills is preventing some charities from integrating mobile giving and digital supporter journeys into their fundraising. But we also know that it’s common practice within the sector to share knowledge about what works, and what doesn’t. So, is one of the reasons charities are not fully utilising text because there aren’t any readily available examples for teams to use as inspiration?


What do you think the barriers are that are preventing charities from fully utilising SMS supporter journey? Let us know on social media or email us at ⚡️

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