The Secrets to Text Giving Success Webinar

Our New Year’s Resolution is to provide more support and guidance in order to help charities smash it with Text Giving in 2021! We were therefore delighted to launch our new webinar series with The Secrets to Text Giving Success on Thursday 14th January.

If you missed out, you can watch the webinar on demand here.

We received lots of questions before and during the session, which we have answered below. If you have a question that doesn’t feature on our list, please do drop us a line and we’ll be happy to assist you.

How to increase Gift Aid opt-in rate

We find that, on average, charities achieve a 50% Gift Aid opt-in rate when they send a dedicated Gift Aid message, separately from the thank you message.

There is some more information on how to switch on this message here.

Text Giving and virtual events

We’re happy to announce that the next webinar in our series will focus on using Text Giving effectively when it comes to virtual events. The webinar will take place on 11th March and you can register here.

Potential way to ‘text and nominate’

We have a great case study example from Teesside Hospice, who ran a ‘text and nominate’ campaign.

Text is a great metric for ‘donate and nominate’ style campaigns, as it is easy for people to quickly communicate how to donate as they nominate friends and family. Also, people can screenshot and share the confirmation text to prove that they have donated.

Use of Text Giving for DRTV

Thank you for your questions around using Text Giving in TV adverts. You have inspired us to pull together some resources relating to this – if you would like us to share these resources with you, please drop Brad a line at

In the meantime, we thought we would share this video from Ovarian Cancer Action as an inspiring example. We think this advert is incredibly powerful.

Is there a ‘best’ donation level?

This does depend on the campaign, but we find that most donations via text are for under £10. Our advice would be to choose an amount which relates to your work, whether it’s £1, £5 or £10 – if the supporter is given an example of what this donation will help to achieve, they are more likely to donate.

Thanks for joining us. If you are interested in coming to our next webinar, ‘Why Virtual Events & Text Giving Go Together Like Peas & Carrots’, you can register here.

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