The Normandy Memorial Trust: A Corporate Fundraising & Text Giving Success Story

In May 2019, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-DAY landings, the Normandy Memorial Trust (NMT) ran a campaign to raise funds to help with the completion of the British Normandy Memorial which is currently being constructed in Northern France.

The campaign

The Trust wanted to target multiple audiences and use the keyword DDAY throughout the campaign, but still track each individual audience’s performance. To achieve this, they registered the keyword DDAY on different shortcodes the number you text your keyword to.

Normandy Memorial Trust tweet

Donr’s primary shortcode is 70085, however, we have 6 shortcodes to choose from. This means that if you’d like to have one keyword throughout your campaign, but still want to track individual audience or channel performance you can register one word across multiple shortcodes. Similarly, if your desired keyword is unavailable you can simply register it on a different shortcode. 

The Normandy Memorial Trust promoted one of their keywords to their existing supporter community, through their website, social media and other communication channels. Whilst another was given to their corporate partner Nationwide Building Society, who promoted it in-store, via marketing channels and through adverts on television and in the cinema.  

A fundraising success 

These highly-contextual keywords were promoted consistently – and across a four-week period, the charity raised £25,000 through text donations. This success story shows just how easy it is to add text giving to your corporate fundraising toolkit, as well as how to use the unlimited keywords feature to support audience segmentation and post-campaign analysis.  

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We take a look at how The Normandy Memorial Trust used different Text Giving shortcodes to track the performance of donations by text across a range of campaigns.


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