The Many Uses Of Donr’s Text Giving

Sure, we love it when our charity partners use our Text Giving service to attract loads of one-off donations, but there are so many more usages which charities can put our system to, on top of that. As part of our First Birthday Celebration blog series, we’ll take a look at a few of them.

Regular Donations on Text Giving

The most obvious place to start is with regular donations. When setting up a Text Giving keyword, simply move the slider from ‘one-off’ to ‘monthly’ and, when a supporter texts that keyword, they’ll be asked to confirm they’d like to set up a monthly contribution to your charity.

Once we receive their confirmation text, our system will charge the supporter their chosen donation amount on the same day each month. Simple! Looking for an example? Here’s how Nottinghamshire Hospice used Regular Text Giving.

Marketing Opt-ins on Text Giving

Donr invites its charity partners to use a two-keyword approach to collect marketing opt-ins via our service. For instance, a charity might ask a supporter to text DONR to 70085 to donate £5 and opt into marketing communications, or to text FUNDRAISING to 70085 to donate £5 but opt out of marketing communications.

The Donr Dashboard is set up so that our charity partners can see which supporter has texted which keyword so that you can ensure you respect your supporters’ wishes and only send marketing communications to those who have opted into receiving them.

Creating Lasting Links with Supporters

As standard, each charity receives a free automatic response text to be sent to supporters as a receipt for each donation they make. This response text is fully customisable (subject to regulatory requirements) but is limited to 160 characters. However, this hasn’t stopped some of our most creative charity partners managing to include both the Gift Aid declaration form link AND a link for their supporters to sign up to their mailing lists in the response texts from Donr.

How our charity partners have done this is via our optional secondary message (charged at 3p per text sent). By using this message as space to ask supporters to make a Gift Aid declaration, our charity partners are leaving themselves enough space in the initial response message for the regulatory information and to invite supporters to sign up to their mailing lists. Way to go, guys!

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service so, if you have any thoughts on applications you’d like to be able to put Text Giving to, give us a shout – we’d love to chat them through with you! We can be contacted via the details listed on our home page.

Thanks for reading and happy fundraising!
The Donr Team

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