Meet our team

Richard Airey

Platform Developer

“I build solutions to help charities reach their strategic objectives through innovative
digital campaigns.”

Mark Drummond

Infrastructure Developer

“My extensive experience as a developer allows me to build platforms that are able to scale as campaigns take off.”

Alex Fearon

Digital Strategist

“My knowledge helps me to create innovative ways to communicate complex appeals across digital media platforms.”

Max Holford

Product Manager

“I love creating engaging visual donation journeys that make design and tech feel like an everyday experience.”

Samantha Lade

Project Manager

“My skills in digital fundraising allow me to create and manage bespoke campaigns for members of the Donr Community”

Samantha Morris

Head of Partnerships

“My experience helps
me to understand the intricacies of a fundraiser’s needs in
the digital age.”

Chris Newell

Founder and CEO

“My leadership helps to deliver compelling donation opportunities with an innovative user experience.”

Paul Paterson

Founder and COO

“I help charities improve their donation experience with my extensive FinTech and scale-up experience.”

Callum Patterson

Relationship Manager

“I ensure charities’ experiences are positive by updating our FAQs and providing real-time support.”

David Wilson

Non-Exec Director

“I help to deliver the long-term strategy and board governance to ensure that we are a stable organisation.”

Ken Waitt

Chief Financial Officer

“My MBA in Finance ensures stable financial planning to help us meet the needs of our charity partners.”


Spirit Animal

“I’m the latest addition to the team – as the office puppy, I help to boost morale and give cuddles when they’re needed!”

Our journey so far...

Since September 2016, Donr has continuously evolved on our quest to help charities bring in donations faster and easier than ever before, through the utilisation of our cutting-edge mobile billing technology.

The board

Chris Newell

Founder and CEO

As the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Donr, Chris has successfully pioneered many new initiatives within mobile billing over the past 10 years. His strong technical skillset gives a deep understanding of how complex regulated payment opportunities can be delivered technically within an exciting user experience.

Paul Paterson

Chief Operating Officer

Paul is our Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder. During his 10 years working in FinTech, he’s helped organisations of all sizes improve their customer payment experience. With a background in product building, Paul’s worked in areas such as design, deployment and data protection. He now helps our charity partners discover new donation streams.

Ken Waitt

Chief Financial Officer

As our Chief Financial Officer, Ken’s role consists of helping us to meet the needs of our charity partners. He has spent the last ten years working in the mobile sector, where he has been involved in financial control systems for mobile payments across the globe. Ken is also a graduate of the renowned Porsche UK management training scheme.

David Wilson

Non-Exec Director

David’s role includes helping to guide and deliver our long-term strategy and to ensure stability of the organisation. He has extensive experience at board and senior management level within corporate and SME organisations. In addition to his management experience David is a Chartered IT Professional (CITP) and member of the British Computer Society (MBCS).

Activism. Quality. Inspiration.

We want to help others make a change in the world using the technology that we create. We build our technology to handle the challenges you face. We want to inspire your fundraising efforts.