Ideas to Tackle Cancelled Events in the COVID Climate

In last week’s blog post, we looked at ideas to help you get started with virtual volunteering in the current environment. We’ve been speaking to fundraisers a lot over the past week, and it’s clear that events is another massive area of community fundraising to have taken a hit. So this week, we’re going to share our own ideas (as well as some fabulous external resources) to hopefully inspire you with different ways to bridge the gap whilst physical events aren’t an option.


Use our Templates to Collect for Cancelled Events

Last week, we shared with you our virtual collection bucket template plus a quick tutorial video, helping you to customise and make it your own in just 3 easy steps. Whilst we initially encouraged using the virtual bucket to engage virtual volunteers, we know that the collection bucket is a staple of the event, too.

So, where you’ve had to cancel an event, could you use the virtual collection bucket as a replacement to collect donations on the day your event would have taken place?

Perhaps you could ask donors who were registered to attend your event to continue their support for it by making a small donation via text? This way, you can still connect with the audience that you had been building for the event, too.

We’ve even gone one step further by updating our Canva templates to include not only a virtual collection bucket, but several different types of events that you may have had to cancel.

Whether it was a sporting event, bake-off, or concert that has been cancelled/ postponed, you can now CUSTOMISE OUR TEMPLATES with your own ask & CTA.

Again, all of the individual elements of these templates can be edited to make them your own – using your charity’s logo, colours, and text campaign details.

VIDEO: Click here to watch our video on how to easily edit our Canva templates!

Cancelled sports event text giving template
Click the image above to customise our text giving templates and use to collect as a replacement on the day of your cancelled event



Pledging to Postponed Events

We understand that for many of you, events will be indefinitely postponed, to be rescheduled later on in the year. Perhaps you’ve already reached out to those who were signed up to come along (or who had registered their interest) to let them know about the postponement.

But all is not lost. If these events are still going to happen at a later date, why not try creating an event-specific text keyword and ask interested supporters to “pledge” their support to the event by texting in and making a small donation, helping to carry you over until the event is able to take place?

Choosing a contextual keyword will be key here – i.e., you could choose “GALA” if you’ve had to postpone a spring-time Gala ball, or “FOOTIE” if an all-star charity football match will now be happening at a later date.

Let supporters know about your pledging campaign either by using email lists or via social media, to contact those who were planning to come along.

Again, this will help your supporters to still feel connected to this event and a part of the community that you had worked hard to built around it, pre-COVID.


Hands holding onto eachother and making a circle
Ask donors to pledge their support to your postponed event by making a small text donation



Hosting a Virtual Quiz

This has been a hot topic over the past fortnight, and we’re sure it’s an idea that’s probably already crossed your mind before now! But could your charity, or a supporter/virtual volunteer of yours, host a virtual quiz night?

There are plenty of platforms out there waiting to be used – including Facebook live, YouTube, Zoom, Kahoot! and Tiltify. We’ve even read about a combination of these platforms being used – e.g. YouTube and Kahoot! – in order to run a more comprehensive quiz.

As per any pub quiz, those taking part can make a small voluntary contribution when opting to take part. Again, considering creating a quiz-specific keyword to track voluntary donations raised by those taking part – or, connect to a third-party platform to take donations in a different way.

Either way, people are home and are looking to take part in exciting things – so make your quiz fun and relevant, add in some bonus rounds, and thank your audience for all of their support at this time.

If you’re planning on running a quiz and would like us to help you with writing the wording for the Text Giving ask, please get in touch with us at!


"Quiz night" sign
Hosting a virtual quiz night could be a winner for your charity



We’ve also found some fantastic resources across the web on the topic of virtual events that we’d love to share with you:

– Fancy a 5-minute sit down with a cuppa and a brilliant read about how to harness the potential of fundraising through Facebook? Then check out GivePanel’s free eBook, “The new Virtual Events model that is raising millions for Non-Profits on Facebook”. A brilliant dive into Facebook Fundraising, Nick and Adrian detail how to take your FB Fundraisers on a journey, amongst other tips on “stay at home” events that will work for you and data collection. A fab free resource which may be able to help where real-life events have been cancelled.

– In this detailed LinkedIn blog post, Julie Roberts (Fundraiser at Pancreatic Cancer and Director at More Strategic UK) shares three secrets key to the successful implementation of virtual events, based on years of research and her experience in the sector. Julie hammers home how important the likes of segmentation and target-setting are – and we *love* the theory behind building ‘Digital Tribes’. Check it out!

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