Supporting Viva! With The Launch Of Their Powerful New Digital Crowdfunding Campaign

In our continued quest to help charities maximise their mobile and digital fundraising potential, we’ve been working closely with leading vegan charity Viva! to ensure their latest crowdfunding campaign is accessible to every corner of their giving community – and beyond.


What’s it all about?

With over 1,200 charities now signed up as part of the Donr Community, we’re always intrigued to learn about the unique, influential and vital campaigns that our charities run to help make the world a better place.

So, when national vegan charity Viva! reached out to us to ask how we’d be able to support the digital elements of an upcoming campaign that was both urgent in matter and time-frame, we were more than happy to get involved.


Donr Appeal Pages for the Viva! Hogwood Crowdfunding Campaign
Donr’s Appeal Pages for the Viva! campaign allow supporters to easily use digital wallet services to give


Digital fundraising support from Donr

Knowing that both Google Pay and Apple Pay are popular, mobile-optimised methods of payment for their supporters, Viva! were keen to utilise our Appeal Pages to be able to offer this donation method to their giving community.

Last month (July 2019), it was reported that incorporating digital wallet methods had led to an increase in giving for the NSPCC – with 24% of people in the UK now using digital payment apps in place of carrying around plastic and manually entering details.

Donr created 14 bespoke Appeal Pages for the campaign, each of which reflecting the different rewards which can be received by supporters for giving to the campaign.

The pages also allow supporters to give via debit/credit card too.


A word on Text Giving

We often describe Text Giving as the easiest way to introduce supporters to digital. Plus, in this sector, we all understand that every little really does help when it comes to crowdfunding.

So, to ensure that supporting the campaign is accessible for every corner of their giving community, a text call to action directly related to the campaign (“HOGWOOD”) was also set up by Viva!.

A variety of digital payment methods is always worth having – particularly when the campaign has a tight deadline.


Hogwood: a modern horror story donate cover photo image
‘Hogwood: a modern horror story’ campaign image by Viva!


The Hogwood Campaign

So, what’s the campaign all about? Viva’s Crowdfunding project aims to raise a target of £30,000 over the coming 23-day period in a bid to secure funds to produce a ground-breaking documentary. Narrated by British actor and vegan Jerome Flynn, Hogwood: a modern horror story will be the biggest exposure of modern pig farming in the UK, revealing the devastating practices that the charity has uncovered through undercover investigations beyond the factory farm’s walls.

Having been at the forefront of the vegan revolution for 25 years, Viva! have regularly exposed the truth about modern farming – however, they say that Hogwood is the most brutal and harrowing investigation of all.

Hogwood: a modern horror story will shine a light on the millions of pigs trapped in intensive factory farms across the UK. Viva! says it has the potential to inspire millions of people to reject these barbaric practices once and for all.

To find out more about the campaign or to make a donation, please visit the Hogwood Campaign Homepage.

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