Staying Well in Challenging Times

We’re now six months on from those crazy days in March when life in the UK changed drastically. It hasn’t been easy navigating the choppy waters since then, but at Donr our resident Head of Happiness*, Sam M has been doing what she can to help us all to stay well. As sharing is caring, we thought we would share in case you’re looking for some inspiration for your team!

*An unofficial title given to her by… herself. 

Some Happy News

It’s been quite a challenge to follow the news over the past six months, without becoming overwhelmed with a sense of dread. To give a happier take on the world, each member of the Donr team was sent a copy of The Happy Newspaper! We also sent copies to everyone who asked a question through our Recovery Hub.

Without our copy of the paper, we would never have known a lot of amazing stories – like there’s a preschool in Japan designed to collect rainwater into a giant puddle for children to play in!

Foodbank Donations

Each month Sam has been using the Spareable app (developed in Newcastle, just like Donr!) to donate items to the West End Foodbank on behalf of the Donr team. The app tells you which items are needed most urgently at the foodbank, so you can be sure you’re donating items that will bring the most benefit. From the list of urgently needed items, each member of the team gets to choose which item they would like to be donated for them.

The Great Jam and Cream Debate

After a fierce debate erupted on Slack about whether jam or cream should be put on a scone first, the only way to settle the argument was by vote. Each member of the team was sent a scone from the Cornish Scone Company to prepare in the manner that they saw fit. In practice, it did nothing to end the debate but the scones were delicious!

These are just some of the small things that team Donr have been doing to ensure our wellness whilst at work – after all, it’s the small things that matter in times like these. Has your team done anything similar? Maybe held a debate around best chocolate bar, or whether a Jaffa Cake is a biscuit or indeed a cake? Let us know over on Twitter, as we’d love to hear!

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