Regular Text Giving Is Changing: New Regulations

New PSA regulations mean that the way Donr’s Text Giving service provides for your regular text giving needs will be changing soon.

What’s happening?

Coming into effect on Friday 1st November 2019, a new PSA (Phone-Paid Services Authority) regulation means that regular donations collected via text-to-donate services will require a ‘double opt-in.’

What this means in practice is that when a supporter texts your organisation’s regular text giving keyword to the short code you’ve registered it to, they will receive a message asking them to confirm they want to set up a regular text giving donation to your charity via our service. They must then reply ‘YES’ to this message to complete their regular donation set-up.

Let’s look at an example for more clarity using a keyword with the following details:

Keyword: MONTHLY
Short code: 70085
Donation frequency: regular
Default donation amount: £5

  • A supporter texts the keyword MONTHLY to 70085.
  • They receive a message thanking them for their £5 donation and asking if they’d really like to set up a monthly donation to your organisation.
  • They text YES to 70085.
  • The monthly donation is set up and the supporter receives a confirmation text, letting them know that if they wish to cancel their monthly donation at any time, they simply text STOP to 70085.

Is there anything for our partners to do?

The good news is that Donr is automating this process so that you, our partner, don’t need to do very much at all. The only thing we need you to do is to alter your promotional materials for your regular giving keywords so that, instead of telling your supporters “texts cost your donation amount plus one standard network rate message,” you’re telling supporters “texts cost your donation amount plus TWO standard network rate messages.”

Hopefully, that’s all straightforward enough, but please do give us a shout if you have any questions by emailing or calling 0203 542 2807 to speak to Callum, our Relationship Manager.

Happy fundraising!
The Donr Team

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