Becoming aware of the issue

Earlier this month, Team Donr helped the Marine Conservation Society to launch #DonateYourGuilt – an impactful campaign, inviting people to make a small donation whenever they accidentally slip up and buy a single-use plastic item (see: a plastic coffee cup or a plastic shopping bag). Inspired by our role in the ‘sharing’ element of the campaign, we decided to look internally at the actions we’re taking in order to be more environmentally-friendly…

Donr shopping bags

We’re proud that we have a collection of handy tote bags on display in the corner of our main office – some of which are Donr branded, and some which people have brought in themselves from home (a personal favourite is Max’s Glastonbury tote offering!). These reusable bags are available for anyone to grab when heading out of the office at lunchtime… Meaning our team can carry their meal deal back to HQ in style – and with a clean conscience!


Our Donr reusable tote bags helps fight plastic waste


Reusable coffee cups

As we become more aware of the good that choosing reusable achieves, our hot drink cups collection continues to grow on the middle shelf in our kitchen. Again – these are available for all members of staff to grab on their way out to secure their caffeine fix on the go. What’s even better, is that most coffee shops now offer a reward when you opt to bring your reusable cup in – whether it’s money off your drink or an extra stamp on your rewards card. What more could you ask for?!


Our hidden Tupperware stash

Just under our kitchen sink exists the hidden Tupperware stash – one that has unknowingly grown as a result of people cleaning out their lunch containers and leaving them in the office! However, the stash proves an extra handy resource for those nipping out to grab a morning pastry or a lunch time bread-roll to accompany their soup of choice… Why? Carrying a container stops the need for having to use a single-use plastic bag, which, at present, are still far too commonly used in the bakery sections of our local stores. Tupperwares – you rock!



From time to time, we’re all guilty of slipping up when it comes to the avoidance of single-use plastics – every single one of us has gotten to the front of the Starbucks queue to be hit with the realisation that our reusable cup has been left behind in the dishwasher! We get it – and we’re guilty often too. But we also believe that the more we normalise our behaviours, by trying our very best to remember wherever we can, that things can only continue to change for the better.


And hey – if you do forget your reusable bag – don’t forget to check out Marine Conservation’s #DonateYourGuilt campaign!